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OilWatchdog’s database pulls together quarterly and annual profits, by sector, of the five major oil companies from 2000 to the present. It uniquely includes companies that were later bought out (for instance Unocal, taken over by Chevron in 2005) in the larger company’s totals for all the included years. The predecessor companies are also shown separately.

Charts produced from the database are available in a single PDF document here, or by clicking the image below. Users can also produce their own charts from the database, as they would with any Excel document. Links to individual charts can be found at the end of this report. The charts, if published, should be credited in whole or in part to OilWatchdog.org.


The database will be updated quarterly by FTCR and independent oil analyst Tim Hamilton, who produced and organized the Oil Profit Monster. It will be permanently stored, in its latest version, on OilWatchdog.org, here.

Hamilton said:

“The few publicly available databases containing historical profitability of the oil companies are seldom kept updated. Little if any of the data on marketing factors that influence profitability, such as the price of oil or the pump price of gasoline, is included in the same place with historical profits. Comparisons between the prevailing market price and corporate profit were, before this database, difficult to make. Even more frustrating, the operating segments of the different companies that later merged (as with Chevron Texaco and Unocal) previously had to be combined by hand just to compare today’s Chevron with the Chevron of 2000.”

The database, on an Excel platform, can be used to produce charts and graphs as well as to make quick spot comparisons between companies.

Both upstream (oil production) and downstream (refining and marketing) are separated into domestic and international profits. Are U.S. drivers providing a greater profit percentage than they used to? Profit Monster makes it easy to tell.

The database is thoroughly footnoted with online sources for its data, and methodology for each company is described on its first page.

The individual companies are accessible on tabs at the bottom of the charts.

Some figures may vary from those originally stated in quarterly reports because of restatements and accounting changes. For the same reason, quarterly totals may not add up exactly to the annual figure. But all data is fully sourced.

Exceptions to use of after-tax net profit are noted.

Links to the quarterly profits of individual charts found below:

Big Five Annual Profits
Big Five Quarterly Profits

U.S and California Pump Prices
BP Quarterly Profits
Chevron Quarterly Profits
Conoco Quarterly Profits
Exxon Quarterly Profits
Shell Quarterly Profits

Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome via: OWD@oilwatchdog.org.


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