Exercise tests force protection

submitted by DPTM


On Jan. 24 the Garrison conducted an Antiterrorism Force Protectionexercise called Timely Alert. �With only three weeks to prepare, the combined Garrison assets came together successfully,� according to Larry Nowell, Plans officer, Directorate for Plans, Training and Mobilization (DPTM).

Exercise Timely Alert was a mission rehearsal of the Installation Force Protection Plan directed by the Chief of Staff of the Army through DA Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (DCSOPS).

The objective of the plan was to test several core areas; for example, implementing the Fort Monmouth Barrier Plan through three of the four threat stages along with the Provost Marshal Office (PMO) (Law Enforcement/K-9 Unit/Physical Security Division) and Area Security Managers implementing Random Access Measures.

The exercise was the first extensive live play of closing gates, installing barriers, and inspecting cars for explosives using the K-9 Unit without prior notice to the public.

The ability of the Directorate of Public Works and TECOM-Vinnell Services to move Jersey Barriers from storage sites around the installation to a designated gate with short notice will be significant in deterring terrorist attack on the installation.

Under the �things done right� column, Lt. Col. Stephen N. Wood, Garrison commander, was proud of the efforts shown by Provost Marshal Office personnel Jonathan Koehler, Theresa Addeo, and Lt. Tim Daley during the exercise when a call came through identifying a �real� bomb situation�which fortunately turned out to be a report related to a training aid being used during the exercise.

The reaction to the �real� situation and the exercise shows the installation�s ability to synchronize two operations at two different locations. Other key players included the 754th Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and DPTM.CECOM DCSOPS also played a key role in coordinating and reporting exercise activity from the CECOM Emergency Operations Center to AMC Headquarters.

Wood also emphasized that this exercise was particularly beneficial in demonstrating and exercising the installation�s technical capabilities including the PMO�s K-9 Unit, electronic inspection of vehicle undercarriages, and EOD robotic applications.

The exercise served as an outstanding mission rehearsal of recently revised Force Protection Plans. Wood added that his staff had already done yeoman�s work and will continue to develop plans, techniques, and procedures, which enhance the force protection posture here.