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18:04 2002-02-09
A Moscow band hunting for heads. For scientists heads

In Moscow, there is now a real hunt for science, to be more exact for scientists heads.
Recently, the head of microbiology sub-faculty of Russian State Medical University (former Second Moscow Medical Institute), V.Korshunov was killed.
The body of the killed professor with cranial injury was found on Friday, at 8.15 (Moscow time) in the entrance of the house in Academician Bakulev Street, in Southwest Administrative District, where the 56-year-old scientist lived.
The police immediately arrived to the spot. Forensic medical experts found out that the scientist died 8 hours earlier. Afterwards, proceedings were instituted.
It was already third death of a scientist, that witnessed it hardly could be a coincidence. Only within this January, Russian Academy of Science lost two scientists with world name academician I.Glebov (who died as a result of a bandit attack in St Petersburg) and Corresponding Member of the Academy of Science A.Brushlinski (who was killed in Moscow).
So, what is happening? At first, one was fighting against pseudo-science, than against brain drain, and now against what will we fight?
This scientist has probably invented a vaccine protecting from any biological arm, or quite the contrary created such an arm, like Brushlinski who suffered for his creation.
Russian science seems to literally die out. Academic degree is becoming too dangerous for its possessors.

Dmitry Litvinovich

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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Pravda.RU:Top Stories

A Moscow band hunting for heads. For scientists heads
In Moscow, there is now a real hunt for science, to be more exact for scientists heads. More details...

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No more troubles with Gusinski and Berezovski
There will be no more troubles with Gusinski and Berezovski, at least in the field of mass media. As well as there will be no disorders with freedom of speech in the country. The Kremlin seems to cross out Gorbachev-Yeltsin epochs heritage and heirs. More details...

PRAVDA.RU introduces new columnist
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Friendship with Afghanistan will be paid for with tanks and armored troop-carriers
Tomorrow, Afghan Defense Minister, General Muhammad Fahim is expected to arrive in Moscow. The main subjects of the planned negotiations will be questions of military and technical cooperation. More details...

John Rusnak became scapegoat
The scandal around the 750 million dollars that disappeared from Allied Irish Banks is continuing. The Banks leadership hastened to declare 37-year-old John Rusnak, trader for foreign currency operations, the main suspect. However, it was discovered that Rusnak was too quickly declared the swindler. First, he did not hide himself while being searched for. He was in Baltimore with his family. More details...

Paris: Multilateral approach to ballistic missiles
Washingtons growing unilateralism is balanced by a new approach a multilateral discussion between 73 countries in France on how to achieve equilibrium in the question of ballistic missiles. More details...

One suicide every 40 seconds
Humankind is one of the few species to commit suicide. UNESCOs statistics paint a depressing scenario of a species which cannot provide for the happiness of its own kind. More details...

Brazil: Dengue epidemic puts Carnival in doubt
An epidemic of Dengue fever has so far infected 18,000 people in and around Rio de Janeiro, Brazils Capital of Carnival, as the politicians blame each other. More details...

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Two deserted paratroopers were eventually killed
The investigation originally set forth several versions of the events. Pursuant to one of them, the soldiers, who were serving for a fixed period of time, Almaz Shageyev and Mikhail Sukhorukov went to the republic of Tatarstan to get 300 thousand rubles back the money that someone owed Shageyev More details...

Outlawed foreign female refugees are subjected to sexual violence in the Netherlands
Our correspondent Irina Malenko reports from the NetherlandsThe foreign women, who were refused in obtaining the political shelter in the Netherlands, and waited for the repeated consideration of their files, are subjected to sexual violence More details...

Four Russian helicopters crashed in Chechnya over 12 days
Four catastrophes have taken place in Chechnya recently with the helicopters of the Russian federal forces. Mi-8 and Mi-24 choppers are one of the most efficient means for the counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya, but they are worn out, they should be repaired very often, and there are no effective measures to control the quality of the defense technology in the republic More details...

Exercises In Wishful Thinking Balkans in Empire's Shadow
In the past several weeks, news from the Balkans have grown scarce, overshadowed by reports of disasters elsewhere and apprehensive analyses of the Emperor's Big Speech from last Tuesday. Alas, this does not signal the arrival of peace and prosperity, but merely a calm before some new storm can arise. More details...

George Bush envious of Messiahs fame
The concern of the US administration for the human rights may hamper George Bushs visit to China. In any case, the White House has set up a claim that is to be obligatory for realization of the visit. The White House wants Bushs appearance before the Chinese audience and a joint press-conference with the Chinese leader to go on the air More details...

Cubans make business at the Guantanamo base
The Cubans do not seem to be unhappy about the captive Talibs at the Guantanamo base. They positively treat the horror of the prison camp on the island of their own, they have even derive profit from it. The local newspapers are full of ads, offering the excursions to the borders of the American base More details...

Velvet revolution starts in the Middle East
A velvet revolution starts in the Middle East. The authority of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has been called into question. Talks about his possible successors have become more frequent. A secret meeting of Ariel Sharon with representatives of the Palestinian administration, after which he made a sensational statement about uselessness of further contacts with Yasser Arafat and recent unflattering statements of Washington concerning Arafat are parts of one scheme aimed at removal of the Palestinian leader from the political scene More details...

The USA killed another Bin Laden
The CIA headquarters received the information, which said that there had been three people noticed in the area of Zhawar-Kili district, not far from the Tora Bora fortress More details...

Border to be closed again. Thanks heavens!
In a special sitting carried recently by federal inspector from staff of RF Presidents Plenipotentiary in the Southern Federal District, Viktor Novikov, it was noticed that about 80 percent of illegal migrants from Asia penetrate to Volgograd region through Russian border with Kazakhstan. More details...

Russians to be provided with the right for self-defense
On Friday the State Duma passed amendments to the Criminal Code that are to increase the rights of the Russians for self-defense. For example, a new norm has appeared: if an attack has posed a threat to the life, the harm to the assailant can not be treated as a crime. More details...

Peace Now. Now?! Well, Maybe Later How the Peace Camp 'Vanished'
The last couple of weeks have witnessed a real awakening of the Israeli peace camp. This heterogeneous camp was beaten ideologically by the purported "generous offer" made by former PM Barak, whose belligerent legacy, as we argued earlier, consisted (of hundreds of victims and) of telling the world that "there was no partner for peace". More details...

Russia and Japan need amicable treaty
Moscow and Tokyo have failed to understand each other once again, such is the impression of Russias Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov after his visit to Japan. The main problem of misunderstanding concerns ownership of the four Kurile islands. On Thursday, February 7, a traditional day of the northern territories was celebrated in Japan. And Japanese politicians have made statements on the problem. But nothing new was reported at that. Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi spoke once again about signing of an amicable treaty and return of the islands to Japan More details...

Greek authorities are under the Hagues thumb
The Greek government yield to pressure of the Hague Tribunal and of world community. In Athens, after Carla del Pontes demand, a decision was taken to partially stop implementation of the law about bank secret. More details...

UN to turn Chernobyl into tourist Mecca?
In Ukraine, a new UN report about situation around Chernobyl nuclear power station is being broadly discussed. The report proposed a radically new point of view upon the help to millions of people who turned out to live in the zone of radioactive fall-out. More details...

Cambodia: Monarchy in question as Hun Sen sweeps to victory
Prime Minister Hun Sen has swept to a landslide victory in Cambodias local elections, gaining him international standing. The elections were disastrous for the Monarchists. More details...

USA: Next stop, Columbia
Columbia is the next stage of the USAs global conflict against terrorism. Financial aid to Columbia to fight drugs trafficking is now being used against the left-wing rebels, FARC. More details...

Middle East: Rift between USA and EU
As Ariel Sharon tries to convince George Bush that Arafat is a spent force, the European union disagrees with Washingtons Middle East policy. More details...

Science goes into battle
Latest tragic events connected with Russia scientists seem to have really stirred up Russian society. One hardly could be indifferent to what has happened with Vladimir Dobrenkov, dean of sociology faculty of Moscow State University, or with Andrei Brushlinski, director of Psychology Institute of Russian Academy of Science. Many people who earlier supported liberal ideas now believe the death penalty should be again introduced in the country to put an end to the existing situation. PRAVDA.Ru already wrote that professor Dobrenkovs demand to cancel moratorium on the death penalty had been supported by more than 100 professors of Moscow colleges. According to sociological polls results, carried out in Moscow by Research Institute of Moscow Humanitarian and Social Academy, overwhelming majority of Moscow citizens - 89 percent support cancellation of the moratorium. For the time being, Moscow keeps composure. While open letters, appeals addressed to the authorities are still arriving More details...

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