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♦ Wed, Sep 26, 2001

In many parts of the country general aviation is returning to something like normal. Send us an email decsribing what flying and aviation activities you've done since the restart. Whether you're a VAA15 member, or a visitor to this website, send them now to

♦ Sun, Sep 23, 2001

The October newsletter has been posted.

♦ Fri, Sep 21, 2001

AOPA website: "9/21/2001 7:00:23 PM -- The FAA has just released a notam permitting the resumption of most flight training activities. The notam, which is effective at 0000Z (8 p.m. ET) tonight, allows VFR flight training in non-turbojet aircraft and gliders (weighing less than 12,500 pounds) outside of enhanced Class B airspace."


♦ Thu, Sep 20, 2001

My Cajun friend Joe Champagne sent this along: "A P-38 lost 60 years ago in Greenland and pulled from 268 feet of accumulated ice in 1992 is nearly ready to taxi again."


♦ Wed, Sep 19, 2001

EAA website (7:22PM CDT): FAA says VFR flight may resume with restrictions, including, no flight in, over, or under any Class B airspace, and no VFR flight training.

AOPA website: "9/19/2001 6:08:30 PM -- According to AOPA's representative on-site at FAA headquarters, work continues into the evening on the eagerly awaited notam for resumption of some VFR operations."

EAA website: "Updated 9/19/01 2:55 p.m. (CDT) EAA president Tom Poberezny just received a call from FAA Administrator Jane Garvey, briefing him on the opening of certain national airspace segments to VFR traffic. FAA is endeavoring to have the NOTAM on this issue posted by 6 p.m. (EDT)."

AOPA website: "Update: 9/19/01 3:14:51 PM, ET -- AOPA has learned that FAA is drafting a notam that will permit the resumption of some VFR operations... The notam will not be issued sooner than late today"

♦ Tue, Sep 18, 2001

A Message from EAA President Tom Poberezny

Although VFR flight is still not allowed, AVWeb has noted that there are some procedures that we'll need to be familiar with now:

"Because of the increased probability of military intercept, all aircraft operating in the U.S. National Airspace System must, if capable, maintain a listening watch on 121.5 or 243.0 MHz. All pilots are required to know and understand their responsibilities if intercepted ( AIM Paragraph 5-6-2).

My apologies for how big this page has become. Later tonight I will move alot of it to an archive section so it will download faster.

And the long promised, added features are coming Real Soon Now.

♦ Mon, Sep 17, 2001

FAA: "Please note that flights under visual flight rules (VFR) have not been authorized. On September 16, the FAA ordered a temporary suspension of all agricultural aviation flights as part of an overall assessment of the gradual resumption of flights that operate under visual flight rules. Agricultural aviation flights had been cleared to resume service on September 13."

♦ Sun, Sep 16, 2001

Paul S. Diette, EAA Chapter 701: "Due to the recent national tragedy, the membership of Mansfield EAA Chapter 701 has elected to postpone their 20th annual Fly-in until Saturday October 20th from 9am to 3pm. The rain date will be Sunday the 21st."

As of Sunday morning VFR flights are still not allowed. The link below shows a map of the "temporary" prohibited areas.

AOPA Website: "Flight restrictions were in effect at the following locations at the time stated above due to national security concerns."

♦ Sat, Sep 15, 2001

Some interesting Vintage Aviation pics at this site.

Secretary Mineta: "Effective today, general aviation -- that important segment of aviation consisting of privately owned and operated aircraft -- will be allowed to resume flights operating under Instrument Flight Rules..."

FAA Frequently Asked Questions.

♦ Fri, Sep 14, 2001

3:30 pm -- The AOPA website is now reporting that IFR GA flights will be allowed to resume soon. There is some info about allowing agricultural flights as well. Note: The AOPA site has been a bit slow recently, be patient.

AM -- EAA Website: "...FAA is not interested in pursuing enforcement actions against any pilot who had taken off this morning as a result of the confusion and mixed messages from changing NOTAMs issued this morning."

♦ Thu, Sep 13, 2001

False start -- (7:22 PM EDT) I just heard on the news that the 11 am restart DID NOT apply to GA flight. This was apprently clarified by the FAA at 11:22 this morning. According to ABC news, some GA flights took off at 11 am this morning and were later "forced down by military aircraft." I'll be looking into this and have more later.

There is currently a report on this on the AOPA site.

Trying to return to normal

The FAA allowed airports to reopen this morning at 11 am.

I visited the field this morning for the first time since Tuesday. It was quiet but not abandoned. The folks in the restaurant said it has been quieter than usual the past few days.

Although no visiting aircraft were caught at the the field when things closed down, one of the Cubs was caught at Moultonborough. But it did manage to receive a waiver from the FAA and is already back at the field.

♦ Tue, Sep 11, 2001

Website darkened out of respect: "The thoughts and prayers..."

♦ Mon, Sep 10, 2001

Notes from the Monthly Chapter Meeting

The Vin Fizz and other early replicas - Before the meeting began a bunch of us were hangar flying out in front of the clubhouse and someone (I'm sorry I can't remember who) told about Dana Smith at Sanford Airport who builds replicas of early (REALLY early!) aircraft.

He's built a Vin Fizz, which was the first (am I right about this?) aircraft to fly across the U.S., and may also be building some Wright Flyer replicas.

I may wander up there soon and collect some info for this website. But if any of you beat me to it, please drop me an email describing what you see. Dana's hangar at Sanford is across the field from the main FBO ramp, near Presidential Aviation.

Sport Aviation Association - There was alot of curiousity about Paul Poberezney's spin-off group, "The Sport Aviation Association." Paul is quick to point out that he does not intend for the SAA to compete with the EAA, but for it to be a resource for those who want more of a grass-roots organization. Check out their website:

Meeting date different in October - Because of the Pumpkin Patch Fly-In, the regular October Chapter Meeting will be on the FIRST Saturday. October 6. Nominations for Chapter Officers will take place at that meeting.

Stay tuned - I have a few new things for the website that I hope I'll get to this week: I have long promised to post some Vintage Aircraft pics I took at Oshkosh this year. I also have some pics from the Pig Roast. And last but not least, I hope to introduce a new section called the Member's Gallery where we'll show pictures of Chapter members and their airplanes. I took the first batch of these at August's meeting at Windsock Village. Oh, and a new Weekly Question.

♦ Thu, Sep 6, 2001

Some info on the Mystery Planes

The following email came today:

I think I recognize the 2 aircraft in the pictures from Robert Nellsen (see Aug. 20 entry below).

(1) The low-wing cabin monoplane appears to be a version of the Aeronca model "L". This airplane came out in the mid-30's and was powered with a variety of small radial engines. A second letter was added to the L designation to denote the particular engine used ( e.g LA, LB, LW, etc.)

(2) The open biplane appears to be and Alexander Eaglerock. Production of this airplane began in about 1926, by the Alexander Aircraft Co. of Colorado Springs Colorado. It was built in a number of models (15 or more) featuring wing and powerplant variations. Both air-cooled and water-cooled engines (as shown in the picture) were used.

The Aerofiles website is a good starting point for making a more positive ID of either of these planes. Hope this is helpful. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Best Regards,

Sean Tavares <>

♦ Tue, Sep 4, 2001

September Newsletter Posted.

One of the little glitches in building the new website has been receiving and converting the monthly newsletter.

Glen and the Chapter newsletter folks have been providing me with the files but I've been struggling with their format. But I think we have it figured out now.

Click the "Newsletters" link in the left column.

♦ Sat, Sep 1, 2001

You broke the record!

I'm happy to announce that in August this website had more visitors in a month than ever before.

Support from Chapter 15 members, and other Vintage fans, resulted in 203 "visitors" to the site, and over 1,400 pages viewed. The previous record was 156 visitors and 299 pages.

♦ Wed, Aug 29, 2001

I guess we're stumped!

Coming up with the identity of the two planes we posted on Aug 20 seems to be a stumper.

This email came today from Robert Nellesen who originally sent us the pics:

I guess they're a couple of tough planes, I know the picture quality is not the greatest but I thought for sure someone would know what they were. Anyway thanks again for your help.

The only thing I know about the planes is that my grandfather owned the bi-plane between 1930 and 34, I think. He is pictured with the plane. His name is Edward Nellesen and he was born in 1910. He also had a 1928 Stinson Gullwing, a 1925 - 30 Curtis-Robin, a WW I Eaglerock Trainer, a Great Lakes, and a BT13 WW II trainer.

Any pictures or info on these planes that anyone has would be appreciated also. He spent most of his life in St. Louis, MO, or near by. Thank you

-- Robert Nellesen

♦ Mon, Aug 27, 2001

Antique Tools Auction

This is not directly aviation related, but it has "vintage" written all over it. It's an Antique Tools Auction in early September in Nashua.

Mansfield Fly-In

I was just forwarded this. It's an announcement for a fly-in in September put on by EAA Chapter 701 in Mansfield, Mass. I'm new to New England aviation so I don't know anything about this fly-in in past years, but it sounds like fun.

-- Jack

Mansfield Fly-In Update

Here's a link to some pictures from last year's Chapter 701 Fly-In.

♦ Tue, Aug 28, 2001

Vintage Aircraft Photos

Here's a website with some great antique aircraft photos.

-- Jack

♦ Thu, Aug 23, 2001

I'm kinda surprised that no one has offered any info about the two planes pictured below. I figured that with all the Vintage knowledge in the Chapter we'd at least get some ideas on make and model.

Weekly Question Comment

Here's a comment left by one member when answering the Weekly Question:

"There will never be another Bob Hoover or anyone even close."
-- Jack

♦ Mon, Aug 20, 2001

I received this email:

I am trying to identify this aircraft. It was my grandfather's and we don't know what it is, please forward to anyone with my email address who might help name is Robert Nellesen and my email is thank you very much.... the biplane was also his and any help or info on that plane would also be appreciated, thanks again

Click on either image to see larger view.

If you have any info about either plane send it to me [] and I'll collect up all the responses and send them along. Or if you'd prefer to email directly with Robert please cc: me so I can put up the responses on this website.

-- Jack

♦ Aug 19, 2001

This isn't exactly a "Vintage Aircraft" thing, but I thought our members might find it interesting. Pictures and notes from the recent recovery of the U.S. EP-3 Aircraft that made a forced landing in China.

-- Jack

♦ Aug 11, 2001

Chapter 15 Celebrates 15 Years.

Member planes parked in the Dion's front yard. (Click on picture for larger view)

Chapter 15 held its August monthly meeting at Windsock Village Fly-in community near Ossippee, NH in the hanger of members Joe and Ginny Dion. Over 20 members drove-in or flew-in to The Dion's beautiful home.

The morning was spent enjoying coffee and donuts and hangar flying as nine member planes arrived for the gathering. At 11 a.m. President Glen Salmon held a brief Chapter business meeting and quickly adjourned for the lunch of goodies from the Dion's BBQ accompanied by numerous side-dishes brought by other members.

Founding member Jack Denison. (Click on picture for larger view)

One of the highlights of the day was when one of the original members of the Chapter, Jack Denison, cut the delicious birthday cake.

Three Past Presidents. (Click on picture for larger view)

Also present were three past presidents of Chapter 15. left-right in the photo are current president Glen Salmon, 1996-2000 president Joe Dion, and Errol Dow who was president for four years in the late 80s.

Throughout the day pictures were taken of the members and their planes to begin the new "Member's Gallery" section of this website.

Thanks again to Joe and Ginny for their hospitality.

A good time was had by all.

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