Flight Termination System

System Planning Corporation's is proud to offer the Flight Termination System (FTS), a fully redundant turnkey range safety and test system for remote control and flight termination of airborne test vehicles. The FTS consists of SPC's Command Transmitter System (CTS) and custom control, interface, and monitoring subsystems. The system is fully programmable and is flexible enough to meet the changing and challenging requirements of today's modern test ranges.

The FTS is generally deployed in one of two configurations:

  • Multi-Site System: a network of multple CTS units spread over a large geographic area

  • Multi-Control System: multiple operator consoles sharing control of a single CTS unit

Multi-Site System

Because many installations require several remote CTS units that can be controlled from either the remote site or a centralized site, the FTS has been developed to control a fully redundant automated network of transmitters. The system can be configured to operate as a single local site or with up to eight remote sights over an extended range. Each CTS unit may be controlled locally (manually), or as part of the larger FTS system. The fully redundant central control unit also supports either manual or automated modes of operation.

Mission logging is performed by the Range Monitor, an independent subsystem which monitors commands to the CTS as well as transmitted RF tones. All activity is recorded for post-mission analysis.

One of FTS's major strengths is its flexibility. A fully programmable command library provides a variety of mission-specific command tones in addition to the required Command Destruct sequence.

Multi-Control System

FTS also allows multiple missions to be run simultaneously with a single CTS unit. In this mode, multiple operator stations share control of the transmitter unit. The FTS control software ensures that the multitasking of the CTS unit is performed seamlessly and is completely transparent to the operators.

Control Software

FTS Control Systems feature a LabVIEW-based graphical user interface (GUI) that can be easily customized to suit specific requriements. FTS software automatically coordinates communication and control among range-control subsystems, site-control subsystems, and CTS units. The user-friendly interface is simple and straightforward, yet provides considerable power and flexibility.

Features and Specifications
Mission Programmability
  • Select active components for each mission profile*
  • Select mission control location
Command Programmability
  • Support for multiple receiver formats:
    • Individual tone
    • Continuous tone
    • Pattern
  • Synchronization of programs to all participating controllers via inter-unit communications
  • Support for future upgrades and increased capability though software enhancement
Command Response Time
  • Button push to ON-AIR < 40 milliseconds*
  • Dual controller system with seamless manual or automatic switchover on fault detection
  • Automatic recovery of restored communication paths
  • Dual paths for operator commands and carrier controls
Fault Detection/Indication
  • Visual & audible alarms
  • Controller communication link fault detection
  • Detection of CTS internal faults
  • Communication between subsystems uses packetized messages with error detection (16-bit CRC)
System Monitoring
  • Display and recording of OFF-AIR or closed loop carrier and tone decode activity
  • Monitoring of carrier power (dBm) and modulation deviation (kHz) at 67 Hz rate
  • Recording of all operator inputs
  • Log of communications with each participating controller identified
    • Records include all message interchanges with corrupted data packets highlighted**
User Interface
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Ability to save and recall setups
  • Visual system interconnection diagram with real-time monitored data (at transistor level):**
    • Amplifier temperature and current draw**
    • Power, voltage**
  • Three levels of password protection on all control and monitor computers
* Multi-site configuration
** Multi-control configuration

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