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9/11 - one year on

9/11 in numbers

Tom Templeton and Tom Lumley
Sunday August 18, 2002
The Observer

The twin towers

Year the World Trade Centre was built: 1970

Number of companies housed in the WTC: 430

Number working in World Trade Centre on average working day prior to 11 September: 50,000

Average number of daily visitors: 140,000

Number killed in attack on New York, in the Twin Towers and in aircraft that crashed into them: 2,823

Distance, in miles, from which the burning towers were visible: 20

Maximum heat of fires, in degrees fahrenheit, at World Trade Center site: 2,300

Number of days underground fires at World Trade Centre continued to burn: 69

Number of days that workers dug up debris at Ground Zero, searching for body parts: 230

Number of body parts collected: 19,500

Number of bodies discovered intact: 291

Number of victims identified by New York medical examiner: 1,102

Number of death certificates issued without a body at request of victims' families: 1,616

Number of people still classified as missing from the World Trade Centre that day: 105

Number of people who died when American Airlines flight 11 from Boston, Massachusetts, to Los Angeles, California, crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center: 92

Number of people who died when United Airlines flight 175

from Boston, Massachusetts, to Los Angeles, California, crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center: 65

Number of people who died when United Airlines flight 93,

from Newark, New Jersey, to San Francisco, California, crashed in rural southwest Pennsylvania: 45

Number of people who died when American Airlines flight 77,

from Washington to Los Angeles, crashed into the Pentagon: 64

Number of peole killed in the Pentagon: 125

Number of survivors rescued from Ground Zero: 0


Number of children born to Yemen-born construction magnate Muhammad Awad Bin Laden: 52

Number child Osama was: 17

Estimated fortune of Osama Bin Laden, inherited from father: $300m

Number of wives Bin Laden has: 3

Year Al-Qaeda was founded by Osama Bin Laden and Mohammed Atef: 1988

Date Bin Laden expelled from Saudi Arabia, due to anti-government activities there, and moved to Sudan: 1991

Year the Taliban seized control of Kabul implementing fundamentalist Islamic law and offering refuge to Osama bin Laden: 1996

Date expelled from Sudan due to US pressure, prompting return to Afghanistan: 1996

Number of Al-Qaeda members thought to have hijacked the four planes: 19

Number of the 19 who were Saudi: 15

Number of the 19 who are known to have made a will: 1

Number of years 'American Taliban' Johnny Walker Lindh (left) has been sentenced to for fighting with the Taliban against the Northern Alliance: 20

Percentage of New York Post readers who would like to see him executed: 42

Amount of money 500 relatives of 9/11 victims are suing the Bin Laden family company and Saudi princes for in an effort to bankrupt terrorism: $1,000,000,000,000 (trillion)

Emotional fallout

Number of orphans created by the 9/11 attacks: 1,300

Number of babies born to women whose husbands were lost on 11 September: 17

Number of days after 9/11 that Pat Flounders, widowed in the attacks, shot herself, the first related suicide: 91

Percentage of those living within a one mile radius from the Twin Towers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: 20

Increase in PTSD among Manhattanites post-9/11: 200 per cent

Estimated minimum number of New Yorkers suffering from PTSD as a result of 9/11: 422,000

Estimated number of the city's public school students suffering from PTSD as a result of 9/11: 10,000

Percentage of Manhattanites who increased their alcohol consumption following 9/11: 25

Percentage of Manhattanites who increased their cigarette consumption following 9/11: 10

Percentage of Manhattanites who increased their marijuana consumption following 9/11: 3.2

Percentage sales increase at Toys in Babeland, a sex store in the Lower East of New York, in late September/October 2001: 30

Percentage increase in number of births reported in New York hospitals nine months on from 9/11: 20

Reported increase in church and synagogue attendance following 9/11: 20

Media and culture

Percentage of this year's 14 Pulitzer prizes won by the New York Times: 50

Previous record number of Pulitzer wins by a single organisation: 3

Number of copies of Toby Keith's (above) album 'Unleashed' sold in the first week of its release in October 2001, one song contained the line 'We'll put a boot in your ass/It's the American Way': 338,000

Number of songs, including 'Ruby Tuesday' and 'Imagine', banned post- 9/11 for being 'lyrically questionable': 150

Number of countries in which the star-studded telethon, 'America's Tribute to Heroes', was shown on 21 September (including Afghanistan): 200

Amount raised by the telethon: $150m

Cost of making the terrorist movie Collateral Damage starring Arnold Schwarzenegger: $85m

Number of months the release of Collateral Damage was delayed on account of Warner Bros.' 'sensitivity' to the attacks: 5

Number of mentions of 9/11 at the four-hour 25-minute Oscars ceremony 24 March, 2002: 26

Number of English language books published on the subject of 11 September: 672

Mayor Giuliani's approval rating post 11 September: 91 per cent


Amount of Federal Aid New York received within two months: $9.5bn

Amount collected by the September 11th Fund: $501m

Percentage of fund used for cash assistance and services such as grief counseling for families of victims and survivors: 89

Quantity, in pounds, of food and supplies supplied by 11 September Fund at Ground Zero: 4.3m

Number of hot meals served to rescue workers by 11 September Fund: 343,000

Number of displaced workers receiving job referrals: 5,000

Amount of compensation sought by the families of civilian casualties of US bombing in Afghanistan from the US government: $10,000

Amount of compensation sought for reckless misconduct and negligence from American Airlines by husband of 11 September victim: $50 million


Number of British victims: 67

Number of articles written over the last year in the UK press mentioning 11 September: 27,920

Number of specific mentions of Britain in threats from Al Qaeda: 1

Days after 9/11 that the 'Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001' was passed: 63

Votes for and against the Bill in the House of Commons: 458-5

Number of defeats in the House of Lords before a compromise was reached: 8

Number of Muslims in the UK: 1.8m

Proportion of those deemed to be practising Muslims: 42%

Number of 'terror suspects' imprisoned without trial after the 'Anti-Terrorism' act was passed: 11

Airline security

Number of days after 9/11 that Bush signed the Aviation Security Act requiring all checked-in bags to be screened for bombs and explosives by January 2002: 39

Percentage of bags checked in screened for bombs and explosives prior to the bill in the US: 10%

Number of bags carried each day by airline passengers in the United States: 3,000,000

Size (in inches) of toy soldier's mini replica Armalite rifle, intended as a present for her grandson, confiscated from British tourist Judy Powell's bag by airport security at LA International Airport: 5

Percentage of fake weapons undetected at America's leading Airports: 24

Cost of Frequent Flyers Bra manufactured by a Tokyo-based lingerie company in response to a number of security alerts relating to bra underwires: 20

The financial cost

Value of US economy: $11 trillion

Estimated cost of attacks to US based solely on property losses and insurance costs: $21billion

Estimated total losses to the world insurance market from the World Trade Centre: 25bn-50bn

Amount of office space lost, in square feet: 13.5m

Estimated number of jobs lost in lower Manhattan area following 9/11: 100,000

Number of jobs it has been estimated will be lost in the US as result of the attacks by the end of 2002: 1.8m

Number of jobs lost in US travel industry in last 5 months of 2001: 237,000

Amount it has been estimated that US commercial insurance premiums will rise by to cover the potential cost of future terrorism between 2002 and 2004: 50%

Amount allocated by Congress for emergency assistance to airline industry in September 2001: $15bn


Days after 9/11 that the US military began bombing Afghanistan: 26

Number of US bombs dropped on Afghanistan in the following six months: 22,000

Proportion of US bombs dropped in Afghanistan that may have missed the target: 25 per cent

Proportion that didn't explode, leaving landmines: 10 per cent

Estimated Afghan civilian death toll from US bombing campaign so far (they're still bombing): 3,125-3,620

Size of UK military budget 2001-2002: 23.4bn

Increase in 2002 budget defence spending that President Bush signed for on 10 January 2002: $30bn

Number of major Bush political appointees with significant financial ties to the arms industry: 32

Number of major Bush political appointees with significant financial ties to the energy industry: 21

Wage of a US Special Forces Green Beret with five to seven years' experience: $25,000

Number of UK marines sent to Afghanistan to 'clear up' the remnants of the Al-Qaeda and Taliban forces in Operation Snipe in March: 1,700

Number of sightings of the enemy and shots fired in anger in the three month tour of duty: 0

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