ONE MERIDIAN PLAZA, Philadelphia Fire Films, 1991

It would later be described by Philadelphia officials as "The most significant fire in this century".

On February 23, 1991 the thirty story office building at One Meridian Plaza suffered a major fire that killed 3 firefighters and destroyed much of the building.

Firefighters on arrival found flames coming from the 22nd floor. An initial interior attack on this 250' x 250' building was attempted. As the fire gained in intensity, the decision was made to allow the fire to "free burn" until it reached the upper floors where sprinklers were able to extinguish the fire.

In all 51 engines, 11 ladders, 21 chiefs, 9 ambulances and 14 support units responded to the fire. Much of the early unit-to-unit radio traffic can be heard on this video.

Also shown on this tape is a 3 alarm fire on 3/27/90 at 10th and Ridge streets and a 4 alarm fire in a factory at Delaware & Tioga that occurred in January, 1990.

45 minutes, no narration, VHS NTSC ONLY VO4900 / $24.95

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