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Typhoon RUSA
Collapse of Sampoong
  Department Store
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Fire in Sea Land
When: At 17:55 hours on June 29, 1995
Damage of lives: Deaths - 501 / The wounded - 937 / Missing-6
Details of the accident

One of two buildings of Sampoong Department Store located at 1675-3, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul (the slab on the fifth floor of the northern building, 5-storied on the ground and 4-storied underground) collapsed, which was continued to collapse of the basement soon. This was a big disaster resulting in 501 deaths, 937 injured and 6 missing.

Lesson and countermeasure
0 The accident of Sampoong Department Store’s collapse resulted from incorrect construction.

It reduced the effective section of the pillars and the steel reinforcing so stress was highly likely to be generated, but after completion of the construction, its structure was changed without permission and review of the structure, and accordingly, load exceeded and a factor of instability - cracks - grew up.
0 On the other hand, unreasonableness in the construction practices like construction permission system and supervision system indirectly worked on this collapse.
0 The reasons for big loss of lives were: absence of honest analysis of the situation after a harmful factor was found out; absence of the managing body’s fast judgment; a lack of the relevant person’s understanding the situation; and late operation of the crisis management system.
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