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Red Flags

Leaps of Faith Required to Accept the Official Story

There are many red flags in the official story of September 11th that passed right by the vast majority of people. Not the least is that the official story was so quick to emerge. Within hours of the attack Osama bin Laden was presented as the prime suspect. His picture was repeatedly shown on TV alongside images of the devastation in Lower Manhattan, a technique known as Pavlovian conditioning. A list of most of the hijackers was presented within a day of the attack. Mohammed Atta was presented as the ringleader within hours. The curious building "collapses" in Manhattan were immediately claimed to be inevitable. The "case closed" technical paper about the building collapses was published on September 13th, two days after the attack.

Some of the other red flags include:

  • The hijacked flights all flew long routes taking them far from their targets exposing them to certain interception given standard operating procedures.
  • The towering infernos were said to burn with the heat of nuclear power plants, despite sooty black smoke and few visible flames.
  • The building collapses were presented as inevitable, even though such behavior was unheard of in steel structures.
  • Flight 93 was confidently portrayed as a crash due to a struggle, despite strong evidence it was shot down.
  • An extensive paper trail of the hijackers was found within hours of the attack, even though the same people had supposedly eluded authorities for years.
  • The same hijackers who pulled off aerobatic maneuvers with large jets were flight school flunkies who had never flown jets.
  • The FBI claimed that the passport from one of Flight 11's hijackers was found blocks from the towers (when the only other parts of the jetliner that penetrated the tower were a few pieces of landing gear).
  • Several hijackers turned up alive after the attack.
  • 1000 bodies vanished at Ground Zero, despite DNA identification procedures that could identify individuals from small fragments of bodies.
  • Flight 77 crashed into Wedge 1 of the Pentagon -- the one portion of the building that was sparsely occupied due to undergoing renovations, which included blast-hardening of the exterior walls.
  • The supposedly fanatically devout Muslim hijackers were fond of strip bars.
  • The video of Osama bin Laden that has him taking credit for the attack doesn't even look like him.

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