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"Fatty" bin Laden

Blurry Video of Man With Osama-like Turban and Beard Proves bin Laden's Guilt

Even with all flaws of the American judicial system, a suspect is unlikely to be convicted of murder solely on the basis of a video of someone with only a faint resemblance and a different voice confessing. Apparently the bar for proving guilt is much lower when the prosecutor is the U.S. Administration, and the punishment is the bombing of thousands of innocent people.

The "Smoking Gun" Osama bin Laden video was released by the Pentagon on December 13, 2001. 1   These two images from the video show a man who we are supposed to believe is bin Laden.

These are images from videos known to be of Osama bin Laden.

As a fun exercise, try comparing the facial features of the man in the confession video to those of Osama bin Laden. There is a list of six differences at the bottom of this page. Osama bin Laden would need morphing super-powers to be the man in the confession video.

This is not a joke. To verify that the tape does in fact represent the imposter as bin Laden, watch the original video:

Why would Americans accept such an obvious fraud? Perhaps it has something to do with psychological investment. After swallowing all of the other red flags in the official story, why get tripped up over a phony video confession? The American news media had already tried and convicted Osama on September 11th. The video is just pro forma, and most people probably didn't pay much attention.

A better question might be: Why didn't the people who put this together make the effort to find an actor who looked more like Osama?


Differences between the features of Osama bin Laden and the confessor include:

  • Osama has a much taller and narrower nose.
  • Osama has a less rounded brow ridge.
  • Osama is less well nourished.
  • Osama has lower and less full cheeks.
  • Osama's forehead slopes back more.
  • Osama's face is wider at the level of his eyes.
Note: these are not the only correct answers.

In fairness the producers of the confession video are due some credit for doing a good job with the beard and turban.


1. Pentagon Releases Bin Laden Videotape, NPR.org, 12/13/01

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