The following is a post by Nico Haupt to the Truth Alliance list on 14 July 2005. Scroll to the bottom half to see the windshield UFO nonsense.

7/7 and Buckingham Palace

Team 8 Plus, July 14th

As pointed out yesterday, in a bizarre coincidence,
the South African owner of the alleged 'terror car' in
Luton (she's living in Leeds' Dewsbury), went once to
a garden party hosted by Queen Elizabeth "in
recognition of her community work"

Her name is Farida Partel, mother-in-law of one of the
alleged suspects, Mohammad Sidique Khan.
Her silver Ford Escort was taken away from Patel's
house in a police raid.

In 2004, Farida Patel, "dedicated herself to
education", was a guest at a Buckingham Palace garden
party, where she received an award for her work as a
teacher specialising in bilingual studies.

Patel is from Germiston, South Africa.
She married British national Abdul-Salaam Patel about
25 years ago. Her husband died 15 months ago.

The 'education pattern' of 7/7 is significant.
Mohammad Sidique Khan, father to a 14 year old
daughter, "was a mentor in primary schools for
children with learning difficulties".

In yet another bizarre twist, Rudolph Guiliani, who
was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2002, was not only
a close witness to the attacks in London (reason for
his visit in London wasn't disclosed yet), but also
attended a conference in Yorkshire, where the first
arrests took place.

Giuliani is also specialised in "education" since May
2002, when he agreed to chair the board of advisors of
Leeds Weld Equity Partners IV, L.P., the largest
private equity fund in the United States focused on
investments in the education, information and training
industry. One of the other board of Advisors also
include Thomas F. McLarty, III, Vice Chairman of
Kissinger McLarty Associates.
L. Paul Bremer III (former administrator for the
US-led occupation in Iraq) was Managing Director of
Kissinger Associates until 2000.


Ironically Leeds Weld has no office in Leeds UK, where
the alleged pakistani "mastermind" of 7/7 (name not
disclosed yet) has visited the official bombers, which
would have been Giuliani's third coincidental
connection with 7/7.

In yet another developing independent investigation, a
van of Kingstar UK, a company specialised in
controlled demolition, was photographed at the 'explosion

One of the clients of Kingstar UK is AMEC, which was
not only involved in the renovation of the attacked
wing of the Pentagon on Sep11th, but also in the
controlled removal of the rubble in DC and at Ground
Zero, New York.

5 GB Mailbox, 50 FreeSMS
+++ GMX - die erste Adresse fr Mail, Message, More +++

Dick Eastman finally acknowledges the existence of the strange Bird
Shadow during the Naudet Watermark scene!--but still not the white shadow
dots, nor the dark sunward-cast shadow dot, of The Naudet Truck Whatzit.

> Can the crash have caused a shock wave or sound wave disturbance of the air
> where the bird was taking off  --  a compression of air upon which a shadow
> could be cast?

A bird several storeys high?  That's how big the shadow is as it moves
along the surface of the Tower (after starting out over the air).
watch when the pair of parallel wires appear

Also, this was several *minutes* after the first hit.  How long does
explosion-compressed air hang around and stay compressed, and how would
it become less TRANSPARENT than UNcompressed air in the first place?  And
how did the "bird" fly so fast? what kind of giant bird flies like 250 ft.
in like one second? a pterodactyl?

> I admit the mystery  -- now will you quit jumping to the conclusions that
> holograms were involved.

It's the only sensible explanation I can think of.  Not a jump, but one
very peculiarly strong piece among many evidence items.  There's an
uncanny match of an extremely specific appearance:  TWO giant hundred-mile-
an-hour bird shadows cast onto open sky.  BOTH fake, you'll now guess?
Who has that kind of imagination -- not to mention PATIENCE, to wait YEARS
for us to notice these things, and then they don't promote our finds.
Naudet 911 came out in spring '02; its bird shadow wasn't found until
fall '04.  Few S11 researchers acknowledge it or Ray Ubinger who
discovered it.

NEXT please acknowledge the existence of the white shadow dots and
dark sunward-cast shadow dots during the Naudet Truck Whatzit scene:

Frames 143-154:  orb and dark "shadow" dot on side of white truck move
in sync for as long as both are visible (a dozen consecutive frames),
without any confusing zoom or wobble by the camera.  Strongly implies
orb CAUSED "shadow" dot.  But it can't be a NORMAL shadow, because it's
cast LEFTward of the orb, TOWARD the sun.

Frame 158:  something like partial cloaking begins; orb becomes mostly

Frames 160-180, esp. 168-172:  vapor/droplet/exhaust trails from the
partially transparent orb.

Frames 168-188:  white shadow dot cast onto 2nd bldg from left.
Frames 197-204:  same cast onto 1st bldg on left.

>  --  I don't think it reasonable that someone used
> some secret technology to add a shadow against the near-by sky for a bird
> talking off.

"No real birds were exploited in the making of this film." :)  I interpret
the birdishness as a PURPOSEFUL FORM OF DISGUISING ORBS.  The shadow-on-
sky business is a by-product of the orbs' motion and/or a means
of teleportation.  But this speculative opinion of mine is based on
dozens of as-yet unpublished footage exerpts, at least some of which are
>from other sources, esp. Tim Canale's dvd set.

> I am more inclined to think it is a photoshoped trick to throw people into
> confusion  -- as you must admit it does.

If it was designed to confuse people how come you never heard of it
before?  Wouldn't they want to confuse you too, and the earlier the better?

What border pixelation inconsistencies or other actual evidence
of photoshoppery can you point to?

Ray Ubinger
"Holograms CAN be projected." -- God, to ME


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