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Reactive Projectiles Comprised of Metastable Intermolecular Composites

A system and a method have been invented to create a reactive projectile that is made of a standard cartridge into which is packed a formulation called metastable intermolecular composites (MIC). The formulation is designed to react at a specified impact velocity for a predetermined amount of time, producing a specified pressure and temperature rise.


  • Firefighting
  • Mine clearing
  • Anti-terrorism
  • Military

Ability to customize reactive projectiles (that react violently upon impact) so can control specific impact velocity for predetermined amount of time, to produce a specified pressure and temperature rise

IP Status: Available both Exclusively and Non Exclusively

Reference Number: 314

S Number: DOE reference no.(s): 102,383

Patents & Applications:
Application(s) Pending

Posted: 09-30-2004

Laura Barber
Technology Transfer Division
Los Alamos National Laboratory
P.O. Box 1663, MailStop C334
(505) 667-9266



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