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Differential Scanning Calorimeters (DSC) measures temperatures and heat flows associated with thermal transitions in a material. Common usage includes investigation, selection, comparison and end-use performance evaluation of materials in research, quality control and production applications. Properties measured by TA Instruments’ DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeters techniques include glass transitions, "cold" crystallization, phase changes, melting, crystallization, product stability, cure / cure kinetics, and oxidative stability.

Tzero Differential Scanning Calorimeters TA Instruments' latest development, Tzero™ DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeters technology, is a revolutionary and fundamentally more accurate way of measuring heat flow. It provides significant improvements in baseline flatness, transition resolution and sensitivity. Tzero™ Differential Scanning Calorimeters technology allows direct measurement of heat capacity, and makes Modulated® DSC experiments both faster and more accurate. Three DSC modules (Q2000, Q200, Q20) are now available, all significantly advance the DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeters technique to levels previously unattainable.