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Deseret News

The January 28, 2006 issue of Deseret News ran the article "BYU professor's group accuses U.S. officials of lying about 9/11" . The article references the ScholarsFor911.org website, which is the subject of this critique.

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Letters to the Editor
Deseret News

Dear Editor,

Thank you for another sober, respectful article by Elaine Jarvik on
physics professor Steven Jones and his scientific critique of the
official account of 9/11 ("BYU professor's group accuses U.S.
officials of lying about 9/11", Jan 28, 2006). Your coverage is
ground-breaking, courageous, and professional, airing the serious
concerns raised by Jones and his colleagues without the usual ridicule
and the seemingly inescapable "conspiracy theorist" label.

Your coverage in November probably helped prod MSNBC into interviewing
Jones. Though the Carlson crew went to some lengths to make Jones look
bad, and they refused to show the video that they asked Jones to give
them, the segment was the best national coverage of the issue that I
know of since David Ray Griffin appeared on C-SPAN2.

Just as with the San Jose Mercury-News' expose of CIA drug-running and
the Philadelphia Inquirer's Who Rules America series, it seems that
local news outlets are better positioned than the national ones to
produce serious investigative reporting. Thanks to the Internet, you
are reaching the entire country.

I hope you are given the freedom and resources needed to produce
longer, more in-depth stories on this critical national issue. You are
part of history in the making. We could sure use a few dozen more
honest, principled journalists like Ms. Jarvik.


Gregg Roberts
Associate Editor


NOTE: Mr. Roberts has sent similar letters to:
* Robert Steinback of the Miami Herald
* Anna Chang-Yen of the (Provo, Utah) Daily Herald