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The Situation with Tucker Carlson

On November 14, 2005, Tucker Carlson interviewed physics professor Steven Jones on his MSNBC show The Situation regarding his research paper on the collapses of the World Trade Center skyscrapers.

STATUS: sent to Tucker Carlson

Hi Tucker,

Like many others, I give you a lot of credit for having the courage to air the
segment with Steven Jones.

I just wish you wouldn't put words in his mouth. He didn't say "the government
did it". Instead, he says that he tries to AVOID the "who did it" question
while he FIRST attempts to understand the physical evidence and figure out what
actually happened - which makes perfect sense to me.

Meanwhile, there is growing evidence that we are NOT dealing with the simplis-
tic choice of villains that you suggest, where it must be either "Al Qaeda" or
"the government". It is much more likely that a third entity is involved - some
kind of shrouded PRIVATE faction that has loyalists functioning in key
positions - in both our government AND Al Qaeda.

Keep in mind that 9/11 is the centerpiece for selling the "war on terror" - and
who benefits? Certainly not the average American or the average Iraqi (if he's
still alive and not maimed, tortured, burned alive or radioactive). There would
be far less terror in the world if the US was a little less keen on destroying
places and people with expensive weapons and a little more interested in being
friendly and helpful.

See below for a succinct list of undisputed physical features of the WTC
destruction that have been ignored by the official investigations and cannot be
explained by gravitational collapse.

Thanks for staying on this story,

C Thurston

Ten good reasons for not believing in the Free-Fall Pancaking Collapse Theory:

1) How does material from the top of the building reach the ground at nearly
the rate of free-fall if it must not only crush the intact structure below, but
also overcome the inertia of the stationary mass of each of the many floors
that must be encountered on the way down? In order for this to happen without
substantially slowing down, each of these structural masses would have to be
accelerated up to the rate of free-fall almost instantly, a physical

2) How is it possible for a gravitational collapse to create a blast wave
   capable of shattering windows in buildings 400 ft away?

3) How is it possible for a gravitational collapse to eject multi-story
   sections of heavy steel perimeter columns to distances of up to 500 ft (more
   than one and a half football fields)?

4) How could a pancaking collapse cause a huge upward-rising mushroom cloud
   BEFORE any material hits the ground? Mushroom clouds are caused by the
   sudden release of tremendous amounts of heat energy - heat rises.

5) How does a pancaking collapse explain not only the total disintegration of
   recognizable portions of the building structure in mid-air, but the nearly
   total mid-air pulverization of all of the building materials and contents
   (apart from the steel) into talcum-size dust particles? When steel frame
   buildings fall in earthquakes, they behave like an Erector Set falling off a
   table - they get bent and twisted but they hang together.

6) Why was there no rubble of the type usually found at the site of a collapsed
   building? One would expect to find chunks of concrete, broken glass, smashed
   desks and computers, sections of floor slabs, and at least a few trapped
   occupants with a chance for survival. Rescue workers at Ground Zero were
   shocked to find almost no recognizable objects or parts of the building,
   only shredded steel, fragments of aluminum cladding, paper - and dust.

7) Why did almost the entire mass of the Towers - in the form of the enormous
   churning dust clouds and scattered steel - land OUTSIDE of the original
   building footprints in radially symmetrical distribution?

8) Where did the heat energy come from to expand these dust clouds so rapidly
   and to such tremendous size? Remember that this requirement is above and
   beyond the energy needed to pulverize all of the concrete and crush the
   intact portion of each structure. If we rule out energy inputs (like
   explosives) simple calculations show that the energy available in the
   elevated mass of each Tower is far from sufficient.

9) How does a pancaking collapse explain the disappearance of the remains of
   over 1000 bodies? Were they vaporized out of existence? or obliterated into
   particles too small even for DNA analysis? How could this happen?

10) How would a gravitational collapse create the intense hot spots detected by
   NASA's thermal mapping of Ground Zero? And why would these unexplained
   "fires" continue to burn deep in the rubble for WEEKS in spite of continuous
   efforts to cool them down with water?