9 - 1 1 R e s e a r c h letters

National Institute for Standards and Technology

In June of 2005 the National Institute for Standards and Technology published a draft of the 'Final Report of the National Construction Safety Team on the Collapses of the World Trade Center Towers.' That Report, critiqued by the essay Building a Better Mirage: NIST's 3-Year $20,000,000 Cover-Up of the Crime of the Century is the subject of the letters on this page.

STATUS: sent to NIST, July 13, 2005

The phrase "Global collapse then ensued" occurs frequently in the reports of
Project 6. But it is a mere proposition with no kind of supportive momentum
calculations to back it, the real question being: how did the collapse on one
floor (which I don't say is impossible) turn into a progressive collapse that
destroyed the whole buildings -- despite the fact that the towers were mostly
in the normal temperature and the structures were sound? It must be shown that
such a total collapse was indeed possible in such an immensely short time
without external energy. Not even the
word 'momentum' is mentioned except in an annexe to one of the supporting
technical reports (and even there only a one-floor drop is examined).

There is no kind of examination of how the potential energy of the buildings
could have possibly been sufficient for all the phenomena seen.

The report does not even so much as mention, let alone explain, the features
that are alien to a gravitation-driven collapse, such as the almost complete
pulverization of concrete and other non-metallic substances and the extremely
hot spots in the rubble.

Reijo Yli-Karjanmaa