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New York City Indymedia

The New York Indymedia site began censoring all articles questioning the official version of the 9/11 attack in June of 2005. On June 29, 2004 the article A Critical Review of Morgan Reynolds' Why Did the Trade Center Skyscrapers Collapse? was submitted to the New York City Indymedia site. It was censored. The comments listed by the censor were

Hidden with code "Other"
(blah blah blah)

This action came on the heels of their spiking a post by 9/11 Truth activist Carol Brouillet. In that case the censor claimed that the post was a "Policy Violation". The editorial policy of the New York City Indymedia site is described here.

Carol's post concerned the Call for Art on the theme of "9-11 Truth for Peace and Justice."
STATUS: sent to imc-nyc-tech@lists.indymedia.org
Subject: Re: Your IMC website article has been hidden
From:    "Carol Brouillet"
Date:    Tue, June 28, 2005 9:08 pm
To:      imc-nyc-tech@lists.indymedia.org

I'm outraged at this censorship.  The article is not available at the
original URL- because I had a link to it and the link no longer works.

I organized the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9-11, and more
recently, with Project Censored, the multiple premieres of "The 9-11 News
Special You Never Saw - The Great Conspiracy produced by Barrie Zwicker
who organized the Toronto International Citizens' Inquiry into 9-11.

We know that there has been a major cover-up, that the administration/
press have failed to examine the major issues/questions regarding 9-11 --
and that 9-11 is the pretext for the entire war on terrorism -- as well
as the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq.  We are raising valid questions
and issues that need to be raised as loudly and publicly as possible.
Who are you to condemn us because you don't agree with links on the
website that the contest is posted on and censor us?  Indymedia should
be ashamed of itself for failing so miserably to challenge the Biggest
Lie of the century- the one the current Imperial Regime needs desperately
to maintain its power.

> At 07:09 PM 6/28/2005, you wrote:
>> Your article entitled "Artists Illuminate 9-11 Truth More than the
>> Official Report" has been hidden from the newswire by chris.
>> The hide code was: Policy Violation.
>> The following comments were noted regarding your article:
>> nice contest, but links to sites babbling about controlled
>> demolitions, 'Israeli saboteurs,' etc.
>> The article is still available at the original URL, or on the hidden
>> newswire page.
>> Feel free to reply to this message if you have any questions regarding
>> this action.
>> Thank you, The IMC Editorial Collective.

The following message was posted to IndyBay.org and immediately censored.
STATUS: Posted to and deleted from IndyBay.org

1)  Post a 9/11 article to NYC IMC or comment on a
9/11 article there and ask them to explain why they
are censoring anything that questions the official
story of 9/11 truth.

2)  Post a 9/11 article on any other Indymedia and
point out the censorship at NYC IMC.  Make sure to
include the descriptive comments on why articles were

The response from 'Chris' (NYC IMC) back to Carol,

"nice contest, but links to sites babbling about
controlled demolitions,'Israeli saboteurs,' etc."

Notably, some comments which have been deleted on
various threads never linked to any other sites or
controlled demolition, but were only talking about
9/11 being a cover-up.

The reason for a 'code violation' on Jim Hoffman's
article which was censored was listed as:

Hidden with code "Other"
(blah blah blah)

Pretty sad to see this type of response from supposed
'independent media' which focuses on anarchist actions
and includes topic pages such as 'Revolutionary


If you post, I would include a contrast of how David
Ray Griffin's work has been uncensored and exposed by
such mainstream venues as C-SPAN, Hustler Magazine,
the San Francisco Bay Guardian and Amazon.com, to name
a few.  How is it that David Ray Griffin is allowed to
be heard at the University of Wisconsin in Madison,
but not by the anarchist-supporting NYC Indymedia? 
Pretty sad when even single comments about general
questioning of 9/11 are deleted because of a 'policy.'
 Griffin's and the work of other 9/11 activists has
also been endorsed and praised by mainstream activists
like Medea Benjamin, Kevin Danaher, Howard Zinn, and


I encourage everyone to post this situation to as many
other Indymedias as possible.