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Strange Fervor for The Shell Game:
A Limited Hang-out Does Not Serve Truth

by Don Paul

Over the past two months authors, organizers and websites for '911 Truth' have called on activists to buy copies of Steve Alten's novel The Shell Game, to thus push it to prominence as a New York Times' top-10 best-seller, and to thus bring a 'breakthrough' of mass awareness as to the true crimes of September 11, 2001, a 'breakthrough' so sweeping it might prevent the next 9/11-like act of false-flag terror that's meant to launch the United States into further war for oil in the Middle East.

There are several problems with this pitch for The Shell Game.

Let me list them for clarity.

One, The Shell Game consistently posits that Arabs with box-cutters hijacked four airliners on 9/11/01. It maintains a position that came to be known about four years ago as LIHOP--Let It Happen On Purpose. LIHOP holds that principals within the U. S. Government (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Myers, Eberhart, etc.) let 19 or so patsies, Mohammad Atta most famous among them, carry out the attacks.

For reasons that have been explicated for at least the past six years, LIHOP can't be anything close to the whole story as to the crimes of 9/11/01. LIHOP is not true. It fails to explain or reveal the most central and consequential realities of the crimes of 9/11 and so it fails to help us understand how we can act most crucially to prevent the next 9/11.

Two, demolition of the Twin Towers and World Trade Center Building 7 was the most consequential and revealing of the crimes of 9/11/01 and said demolition is scarcely suggested, much less exposed, in The Shell Game. (The most acknowledged source of 9/11 research in The Shell Game, Michael C. Ruppert's Crossing the Rubicon, does not mention WTC 7, nor does ... Rubicon mention WTC's developer and the Twin Towers' lease-holder, Larry Silverstein.) Recognizing the three Buildings' demolition lets us see through to causes for the 9/11 crimes that are deeper than nations' and Corporations' hunger for oil. Understanding that only those with secure access to planting explosives against the three Buildings' interior and exterior steel columns could have done the crimes lets us identify perpetrators and orchestrators beyond the U.S. Government. Understanding the breadth of the cover-up and mass-messaging that immediately followed the airliners' crashes and the WTC Buildings' demolition lets us understand that orchestrators of the 9/11 crimes must be both supranational and decisively influential in Lower Manhattan real estate. Seeing the depth and breadth of the crimes of 9/11/01--and knowing precedents for 9/11 and the abiding financial reason for these precedents--lets us better know our situation and seek remedies for our peril. A more complete truth more completely empowers and frees us. The " 'War on Terror' " is really one more step by plutocrat elitists toward enslaving us in their 'New World Order' of rule by finances.

Three, The Shell Game costs $26.95 retail. Many books and dvd efforts by 9/11-truth activists have been priced low or given away so that information could be more easily shared. Researchers who have enlarged our knowledge of the Twin Towers' and WTC 7's differently executed demolitions, Steven Jones and Kevin Ryan, have lost livelihoods due to their forthright courage.

Steve Alten was recently interviewed by " 'conservative' " radio talk-show host Mike McConnell. He was unfortunately less than authoritative. He did suggest on air that the Twin Towers were demolished, but said that they dropped with the speed of "free-fall." McConnell scored by pointing out that each Tower actually dropped to ground in about 15 seconds, a few seconds slower than free-fall. Alten neglected to point out that each Tower's 47 central steel columns and 144 exterior steel columns and many more steel beams should have impeded each Tower's fall by at least one minute longer than their actual, explosive, precipitous, volcano-like and elevator-like descent into their own footprints. Alten also said that WTC 7 was "about 50 stories" tall (it was 47) and that it fell in 10 seconds (it fell in 6.5--5.9 would have been free-fall for the remarkably symmetrical implosion of this 570-foot high skyscraper of 2,000,000 square feet).

The novelist appears sincere about wishing to awaken the U. S. public with The Shell Game. There are, however, many earlier, less expensive, more accurate and comprehensive books and dvds that throw compelling light on the crimes of 9/11/01. Activists who wish to bring the public truth should support and disseminate these efforts.