9 - 1 1 R e s e a r c h letters


First, congratulations on the vigor, stamina and integrity of your campaign to win the Republican nomination for United States President and then to win that office in next November's General Election.

Your campaign's focus on certain fundamental remedies -- such as replacement of the privately owned Federal Reserve System with money-issuing institutions that are actually controlled by this nation's Government -- and on certain Rights guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution -- such as the rights to privacy, free speech, and self-defense through bearing arms -- has been refreshing amid other candidates' reliance on simplistic platitudes better suited to movie-satires and music-videos.

Refreshing and inspiring, too, has been the tremendous, unprecedented and repeated funding of this campaign with contributions of millions of dollars from thousands of like-minded people on single days. Never was the Internet more used in the U. S. to advance genuine democracy. Despite much obscuring of your campaign by mass-media, this campaign's old-school principles and its millions of advocates have shown once more that the will for true, humane change remains alive and widespread in the U. S. All that said, I must now offer four suggestions that may keep principles and intentions of this campaign and similar campaigns alive regardless of electoral results. That is, these suggestions may allow a people's victory despite Corporate chicanery.

  1. INFORM ALL THAT YOU'RE PLAYING A GAME THAT'S RIGGED AGAINST YOU. Results in the current round of Presidential Primaries, Democrat and Republican, have again thrown into the public's faces the fact that all official vote-counts in this nation are subject to staggering fraud. The most in-your-face of improbable results was Rudy Giuliani's supposed receipt of exactly 9.11% of the Republican vote in three New Hampshire towns (Campton, Hampton and Sandwich) on January 8, 2008. In Hampton John McCain and Mitt Romney each were credited with 1217 votes, or 38.75%. The statistical anomaly of these results must exceed the odds of 250 million to one that Steven F. Freeman of the University of Pennsylvania found from the discrepancies between exit-polls and official vote-counts in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania during the 2004 " 'election' " that was stolen for George W. Bush.

  2. ESTABLISH A SYSTEM OF VOTING THAT'S OUTSIDE THE RIGGED GAME. Use the Internet for polling that can be indisputably verified i by paper-trail follow-up. Then the numbers recorded in pre-election and exit-polls can be substantiated despite Corporate machinery and media. A Diebold-run " 'election' ", reported by CNN etc., is just that.

  3. PRESENT OBJECTIVES THAT CAN BE WON REGARDLESS OF ELECTORAL RESULTS. A sufficient mass of people can achieve any end. Non-violent withdrawal from an unjust system can win freedom and self-responsibility. If enough people abandon the system of servitude to Credit that imprisons and threatens them, that system will fall, and the Federal Reserve System will fall foremost in the U. S.. Your promotion of a nation-wide community-currency that would enable most person-to-person transactions could greatly further repudiation of usury.

  4. KNOW AND TELL THE STATE WE'RE IN. The " 'War on Terrorism' " remains the foundation of "foreign-policy positions" from Clinton, McCain and Obama; all promise to maintain or increase this " 'fight' ", whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, or elsewhere. The only riddance from the nonsense of such " 'positions' " -- for any further war-making by the U. S. that follows models failing now will only serve to more bog and sap and wreck the U. S. military at the same time as the U. S. economy is exploding and collapsing like so many skyscrapers -- is to expose the lie behind the pretext for the " 'War on Terrorism." " '9/11' " was an inside-job. World Trade Center Building 7 and the Twin Towers were brought down by internal explosives that COULD NOT have been planted by al Queda. That reality, I submit, needs to become the new foundation for understanding the world we inhabit and the remedies we need to enact for our survival, freedom, and prosperity.

All best in the future.

Don Paul, February 21, 2008