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The Spokesman-Review daily newspaper in Spokane, Washington published the following letter by Dave Vent.

STATUS: published in the Spokesman-Review, March 1, 2006

Letters to the editor

Did 9/11 teach us anything?

Armed only with box cutters, 19 "simultaneously suicidal" Muslim
extremists, barely skilled enough to pilot a Cessna, managed to
overpower the crews of four jumbo jetliners departing three major
airports. Inexplicably, they're allowed to crisscross several states
in the most heavily defended airspace on the planet, unmolested by
the North American Aerospace Defense Command, and unerringly find
their targets.

They crashed into both of the World Trade Center towers and in 57 and
102 minutes respectively, brought about by fire their total
"vertically symmetrical" collapse. A historical first.
The last target struck was the Pentagon, the nerve center of the most
sophisticated, most powerful military in the world. In the time it
took for all this to unfold, absolutely nothing was done in its

Equally astounding is the apparent immortality of these "terrorists."
Several have reappeared in the Mideast insisting reports of their
demise are greatly exaggerated.

These despicable 9/11 crimes facilitated every totalitarian
machination, every loss of personal liberty and every hideously
shameful act of U.S. aggression, detention, rendition and torture
that's followed.

Why haven't we "smelled" anything yet? Perhaps it's sensory
deprivation due to the unfortunate anatomical region where we've kept
our heads for the last four-and-a-half years.

Dave Vent
Spokane Valley