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Winnipeg Sun

In May 25, 2007, the Winnipeg Sun published 9/11: an 'inside job': Controlled demolition, claims California architect (cached), an article describing the work of architect Richard Gage, whose website is ae911truth.org. On June 1, 2007, the paper published the following three letters commenting on the article (cached).

STATUS: published by the WinnipegSun.com

9/11 gov't complicity

Re: 9/11: an 'inside job?'

Thank you for covering the vital fact that architects such as Richard Gage
and other qualified professionals are blowing the whistle on the U.S.
government's conspiracy theory of 9/11. It is crucial that the rotten
foundation of the War of Terror be exposed -- and its war-criminal
perpetrators arrested and tried for treason -- before the next false-flag
attack on U.S. citizens, or an attack on Iran. The Democrats in Congress
obviously have no intention of rocking the globalist boat with any
impeachment for illegal acts that are not even in dispute, much less are
they going to help expose 9/11 truth. Responsible citizens must continue
to raise public awareness and keep the pressure on until a serious
investigation free of conflicts of interest is started.

While I applaud your decision to cover the story, your belittling
introduction ("Conspiracy buffs are in for a big treat") is unprofessional.
Gage and other 9/11 skeptics know what they are talking about. It is no
treat for us to have to acknowledge that government officials charged with
protecting us actually killed 3,000 of us on 9/11. For many, even
considering this possibility is akin to considering that your spouse or
parent is a sexual abuser. This is part of the reason that the corporate
and left media ignored the massive evidence of official complicity as long
as possible, then treated skeptics with ridicule rather than considering
the facts dispassionately. In future articles, please find the courage and
strength to face the truth rationally and avoid emotional appeals designed
to squelch thought.

Gregg Roberts

Austin, Texas 

STATUS: published by the WinnipegSun.com

Re: 9/11: an 'inside job?'

My sincerest congratulations for having the strength of conviction to
publish this article on 9/11.

For the past year I have been aware that 9/11 was an inside job but have
seen very little mention of it in the mainstream media. This has caused me
to view the mainstream media as largely irrelevant to any effort to
understand global political events.

Your article has given me hope that at least some organs of the media are
prepared to come forward and present the glaringly obvious truth of 9/11.

The editors of your paper all deserve commendations for running that
story. Certainly you have my unreserved admiration.

Daniels Forrest


STATUS: published by the WinnipegSun.com

What do you believe?

Re: Deconstructing the myth, Letters, May 29.

It was with great amusement that I read a letter writer's version of
events pertaining to 9/11. The two towers which collapsed first did not
collapse on top on Building 7. The towers collapsed straight down,
while Building 7 stood approximately 350 feet away (about the length
of a football field).

The only attempt by the main stream media to "debunk" the 9/11 truth
movement has indeed been Popular Mechanics.

PM's attempts at debunking the truth movement have been weak at best.
I suggest researching the works of Dr. David Ray Griffin whose research
on 9/11 puts the "efforts" of PM to shame.

Are we really to believe that 19 Saudi hijackers with box-cutters
controlled by a man in cave overtook four commercial airliners almost
simultaneously and hit 75% of their intended targets? We need to ask the
question "Who stood to gain?"

The U.S. government imposed the Patriot Act, started a war with a country
that had nothing to do with 9/11, and have their sights set on Iran.
All in the name of 9/11.

God help us all.

Andy Dreger