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an attempt to uncover the truth about September 11th 2001
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September the Eleventh 2001.

The World Trade Center.

The World Trade Center Demolition. 740 KB
Evidence of Explosives In The South Tower Collapse. 300 KB
Chapter 1 of the FEMA WTC Report: Introduction (with comment). 850 KB
Chapter 2 of the FEMA WTC Report: The Twin Towers (with comment). 1.9 MB
Chapter 5 of the FEMA WTC Report: World Trade Center Seven (with comment). 1.3 MB
Microsoft Software used to simulate the crash of a Boeing 747 into the World Trade Center.
University of California, Berkeley Professor, Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl Testifies.
Table Of Contents for the FEMA World Trade Center Report.
Chapter 3 of the WTC Report: WTC 3.
Chapter 6 of the WTC Report: Bankers Trust Building.
Appendix B of the WTC-Report: Structural Steel and Steel Connections.
Appendix D of the WTC-Report: WTC Steel Data Collection.
The World Trade Center 7 Explosion Myth.
Photographic Evidence that they Lied About the Trusses.
Proof the Twin Towers were Deliberately Demolished.