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Who would put explosives
in WTC? And why?

Update: I have recently decided that US government officials must have had a bigger role in this attack than I originally thought. I will update this later (I am busy right now).

If you wonder what value my speculation has, here are two purposes:

  • To entertain. Hollywood uses the same simplistic plot, over and over. I will provide you with something new. One of you might even decide to make a movie from this attack, and this will give you ideas.

  • To stimulate discussions. Some people may think about what I say and realize that they have a piece to this puzzle.

As you read my speculation, keep the official explanation in mind and ask yourself which is really the most ridiculous.

Official Explanation: A small group of devote Muslims, some of whom are such hypocrites they behave in an obnoxious manner at bars and strip clubs, take a few flight lessons but never become proficient enough to fly a single-engine airplane.

They divide into four groups, and each group convinces a flight crew to let them have control of their airplane. Three of these groups hit buildings while flying at high speed. An hour or so later both towers disintegrate into dust, and building #7 disintegrates later in the evening.

Official motive for the attack: Americans love freedom.

How many people think the WTC attack is a scam?

I thought I was the first person to notice that the three WTC buildings were destroyed by explosives, but I have since discovered that I was very late to notice this. One of the first was Van Romero. One of first detailed articles has been duplicated at Serendipity, and they also have their own explanation. The US media is doing a great job of hiding these people from us.

Does America really have a "free press"?

During the first week of the attack, most news reports in America focused on how terrible this tragedy was and on how the Arabs are responsible. There were no discussions about why the buildings crumbled into powder, nor were there any discussions on how a small group of Arabs managed to pull this stunt off. People such as Van Romero were ignored by most reporters rather than interviewed.

Were the executives who control news reports trying to manipulate the American people? Or were they being manipulated by the people who did this attack? Or were the reporters simply giving the flag-waving patriots whatever simplistic, biased nonsense they wanted?

Whatever the reason, America's news reports are pathetic. This brings us to the issue that whoever exploded the buildings would have an easier time getting away with it if they had influence over news reporters. So let's move on and consider what would a group of people would need in order to explode the WTC.

What would be needed to blow up the WTC?

  • First, they need complete access to the interior of both towers and building #7 in order to place the explosives so secretly that nobody notices. I suppose they would need control over the maintenance crews.

  • Second, they need enough influence over the police and FBI so that after the buildings collapse they can prevent investigations.

  • Third, they need enough influence over government officials to prevent the government from forcing the police and FBI to investigate the collapse.

  • Fourth, they need enough influence over the media to divert people's attention away from the odd manner in which the buildings exploded into dust and towards something else, such as hating the Arabs.

  • Fifth, they need a lot of money because this will require people who are doing more than part-time work. This will require people who can put a lot of time into the project.

  • Sixth, they need knowledge of explosives, demolition of buildings, and access to demolition quality explosives.

  • Seventh, and the most difficult of all, they must have infiltrated the Arab terrorist network to such an extreme and/or found a way to spy on them to such an extreme that they know what the Arabs are doing and/or can influence the Arabs. Or, they would need such control over the media and US government that they could made it appear as if the Arabs had hijacked the planes when in reality the planes were controlled by remote control.
  • As you consider how difficult the seventh requirement is, you may be tempted to give up on the conspiracies.

    Hijacking the airplanes was the difficult task

    But wait! Before you give up on the conspiracy theories, consider how difficult it would be to hijack four commercial airplanes. Regardless of whether the Arabs flew the planes or the planes were under remote control, this is not easy.

    However, some group of people did it. The "impossible" was indeed possible.

    Loading three large buildings with explosives is difficult, but not as difficult as getting control of four airplanes.

    If a group of people knew the Arabs were planning this attack, they could load the buildings with explosives and then wait for the attack. If the attack failed, they could remove the explosives.

    Since the quantity of explosives needed was not very large, they did not even have to load the buildings until they were certain that the attack was going to occur. Loading the buildings with explosives would take less time than finding suicide pilots, training them, and arranging such an incredible feat.

    Therefore, whoever blew up those buildings only had to discover that the attack was going to occur.

    To summarize, the most difficult aspect of the World Trade Center attack was flying those planes into the buildings. Blowing them up with explosives was much easier.

    So, now that you realize that it is indeed possible that explosives may have been planted in the buildings, let's move on to the speculations of who did it and why.

    Were the Arabs really flying those planes?

    Actually, before we move on to who did it, there are some people who claim that the remote control of certain models of commercial jets is practical because the computers in some of them have radio connections to computers on the ground, and the ground computers can take over the aircraft.

    Supposedly, the US government put this feature in some of the newer planes to allow pilots on the ground to take control of hijacked aircraft (are you old enough to remember the days when planes were hijacked on a frequent basis?) This feature would also be of use during accidents, or when a pilot has a heart attack. Here is one site that discusses this:

    If the people who put the explosives in the building had also taken control of the planes, then the Arabs could have been incompetent as pilots. Actually, the Arabs would not even have to be on the airplanes.

    Did a plane really hit the Pentagon?

    Now, before we move on to who did it, I was recently told of a French site that has posted an analysis of Flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon. This has the links to their English version and other info:
    Pentagon Plane Crash

    As you can see, there is more entertainment here than in a TV show! If you make a movie about this attack, your could modify a remark from the movie Jaws:

    "Just when you thought the attack couldn't get any more corrupt..."
    "Just when you thought you could trust your government..."

    Who had access to the buildings?

    A difficult aspect of this attack is loading three large buildings with explosives without anybody noticing. This requires more than having supervision over the maintenance crews; it requires replacing some of the employees with people involved in the scam.

    Both towers were "owned" by the government, but in 1999 the government decided to sell them to a private business owned by Larry Silverstein, who already owned Building #7. Was this a coincidence? Or, did Silverstein and his friends push the government into selling the towers because they wanted the towers for this fake attack? Who in the government decided to sell the towers? Did Silverstein replace any of the maintenance crew? Does anybody in our government have any interest in investigating him?

    These acts were driven by intense levels of hatred

    When a person's anger is extreme enough, he will sacrifice his life and find ways to do what seem impossible. The Arabs are so angry at America and Israel that for many years they have been sacrificing their lives to kill Israelis and Americans. This extreme level of hatred would explain how the Arabs found all those suicide pilots and pulled off what appears to be an impossible task.

    The blowing up of the World Trade Centers also required incredible hatred on the part of the people who planned it. This was not an act of love. Also, I doubt if this was their first scam (or their last!)

    Normally, when a person commits a crime, he starts small and builds up to larger crimes as he gains experience. Therefore, whoever did this scam probably has already been successful with several smaller scams.

    We need motives

    Why would the Arabs want to fly airplanes into the World Trade Center? If they flew those planes, I think it was primarily for the symbolic effect, as opposed to being an attempt to try kill lots of people or destroy lots of property. If the Arabs had been interested in killing people, it would have been easier for them to put a large bomb at a sports stadium, or fly just one airplane into a stadium.

    By comparison, exploding those buildings while people were inside seems to have been intended to upset Americans (and perhaps other nations). The destruction of those buildings does not seem to be for the symbolic effect, nor for the insurance money.

    Whoever exploded the buildings did not take credit for it. Why would they remain secret? Why not let the world know what they are angry about? Why not let us know their demands?

    There various possible reasons for their remaining quiet, but I would say the most likely is that they want us to believe that the buildings fell down because the Arabs flew airplanes into them. In other words, whoever blew up those buildings was probably trying to make us angry at the Arabs.

    Therefore, when we wonder who would have done this, the most likely suspects are people who want to make us angry at Arabs, people who have committed scams before, and people who have access to the structure of the buildings.

    Duh! The Jews!

    Who best meets the qualifications? Duh! is the only response that comes to mind.

    The only group of people I'm aware of who can meet the qualifications and who would have the motive are the Israelis and American Jews.

    I can think of several scenarios. The least complex scenario that is that the Jews discovered where some of the Arab terrorists were living and installed a few microphones in their homes. They then began listening to the conversations.

    One day the Jews hear the Arabs talk about flying airplanes into the World Trade Center. The first reaction of the Jews was laughter. Could the Arabs possibly be serious about such a wild stunt, they laughed? How could the Arabs possibly pull off something so difficult and bizarre? Surely the Arabs were daydreaming.

    I doubt that the Jews believed the Arabs were serious. The conversations among the Jews was probably something like:

    Irving: Can you imagine if they flew a plane into the World Trade Center? Do realize there are tens of thousands of people in those buildings? They would kill so many people that America would be furious at the Arabs. The Americans would probably attack and destroy the Arabs!

    Marvin: Yes, but an airplane would probably just punch a small hole in the building and kill only a small number of people at the crash site, such as when that plane hit the Empire State building.

    Irving: OK, so we put some explosives in the building! Then when the Arabs crash into the building, we set off the explosives! The Arabs get blamed for one of the most incredible disasters of all time! America kills the Arabs, and we take over the entire Middle East!

    Marvin (laughing): Hey, Great idea! But first I must convince my mother-in-law to take a job on the 95th floor!

    In other words, the plan to destroy these buildings may have started off as a joke simply because the Jews could not believe such a incredible stunt was possible and that the Arabs were serious about it.

    However, as they continued to observe the Arabs, they noticed that the Arabs were actually looking for suicide pilots and seriously planning this stunt. The jokes about planting explosives in the building turned into serious discussions. Eventually it became approved by the Israeli government. Tax money was set aside to increase the observation of the Arabs and to figure out the best way to take advantage of this attack.

    Soon thousands of Jews in America were contacted and told of this stunt. The Jews in America then began pushing the New York government officials into selling the World Trade Center to Larry Silverstein so they would have control over the building. (Silverstein, in case you didn't guess, is a Jew.) You can take it from here, right?

    Was the World Trade Center attack practiced?

    An Israeli named Barry Chamish points out that the World Trade Center attack was a very risky and complex crime. Certainly, he points out, the people doing this attack would want to practice their technology first.

    In 1999 EgyptAir's flight 990 crashed in the ocean. The speculations of what caused the crash were:

    • The pilot committed suicide.
    • Somebody put a bomb in the plane.
    • Hijackers got into a fight in the cockpit and destroyed part of the cockpit.
    • Somebody sabotaged the airplane while it was on the ground.
    Barry accuses Israel of causing the airplane to crash, but he does not seem to realize that perhaps Israel got control of the airplane from the ground. Instead, he assumes that Israel somehow "brainwashed" the Arab pilots into committing suicide.

    Barry may be correct that Israel was practicing the World Trade Center attack, but his theory that the pilots were brainwashed is rather silly. Sure, many Arabs have been talked into committing suicide bombings, but the pilot was not an "ordinary" Arab, and this was not a suicide bombing.

    Different people may see a different piece to this puzzle. Perhaps Barry is correct that Israel was practicing the World Trade Center attack, but he may be incorrect about how they did it and who was involved. Perhaps we should re-examine the crash of EgyptAir flight 990.

    Barry also suggests that Israel practiced the destruction of a building with explosives while people were in it. Specifically, he says that the wedding hall in Jerusalem that collapsed in May of 2001 was actually a test of the World Trade Center attack. He points out that the Israeli government refused to investigate the accident, and most of the people in the building were Arabs.

    Here is one site that has Barry's accusation:

    Why did the South Tower collapse first?

    For those of you thinking of making a movie about the attack:

    The Jews gathered in Marvin's office near the World Trade Center so they could have a clear view of the base of the buildings. They were very happy when the first plane hit the north tower.

    Irving: Great! The plane hit the North Tower perfectly. This will start a nice fire. Go ahead and set the software to destroy the tower.

    Marvin: Do you think we should explode the building now? Maybe we should let most of the people out. There could be 70,000 people in these three buildings, and if we were to kill all of them, it would be equivalent to dropping a nuclear bomb on a city.

    Irving: Oh, for the love of Jesus! Marvin the nice-Jew wants to let people out of the building! Ok, but get the explosives set for the North tower.

    Marvin: And where did the plane hit?

    Irving: Maybe 10 to 20 floors from the top.

    Marvin: Ok, I will program the explosions to start at the top of the North tower.

    Eighteen minutes later....
    Irving: Oh no! The second plane hit at a corner of the building! Only a small fire is burning. This fire could extinguish itself in a matter of minutes. If we wait too long, the fire will go out, and then it will look extremely suspicious when the building explodes into dust. We will have to take this building down first, and soon. We will not be able to let all the people out of this building, so don't give me none of that nice-guy stuff, Marvin!

    Marvin: Alright. Where did the plane hit?

    Irving: Oh, about a third of the way down the building.

    Marvin: Ok, I will start the explosions at that location, and then have them travel upwards towards the top of the building to get rid of the top. Then I will take the rest of the building down in a normal manner. Just give me a few minutes to make the changes.

    Irving: It looks like we could give them 15, maybe 20 minutes to escape, but a lot of them will die.

    Also, it is time to set the fires in building #7 and chase the people out. Turn off the building's sprinkler system, and have the maintenance crews start chasing the people outside. Since these fires will go out quickly, some employees, and the fire department, may try to get inside a few hours from now, so make sure somebody is there to lock the doors and keep people away.

    A few minutes later....

    Marvin: Oh, for the love of Bill Gates!

    Irving: What's wrong now?

    Marvin: I have to reboot Windows! It just locked up on me again.

    Irving: Are you still using Windows '95? I told you that XP is more stable.

    Marvin: Listen, I spent $89 for this upgrade a few years ago, and I want my money's worth. I will upgrade next year, OK?

    Why were the casualties so low?

    If the towers and building 7 had been exploded when the buildings were full of people, perhaps 50,000 people would be dead. If all the airplanes had been full of passengers, hundreds more would have died. If an airplane had hit a section of the Pentagon that was full of people, thousands more would have died. Or if the planes had hit lower in the tower, thousands more would have died.

    Why were the causalities so low? Because this was a fake attack. I suppose hundreds of people bought tickets for those four airline flights in order to reduce the number of people actually on board, and the people who destroyed the towers deliberately waited until most of the people had evacuated, except for the South tower, which had to be destroyed quickly.

    Access to demolition experts

    Is it a coincidence that Hollywood frequently uses explosives to destroy buildings, and Hollywood is also full of Jews?

    Hollywood already has the experience, the software, the radio links, and whatever else they need to wire up a building in such a manner that they can wait until the director tells them to explode it.

    Access to explosives

    Most importantly, Hollywood can purchase large amounts of demolition quality explosives and ship it around the nation without the FBI thinking anything strange about it. If you or I, by comparison, were to purchase large quantities of such explosives or ship them somewhere, the FBI might be contacted.

    Fake Osama videos

    Hollywood can also edit video images; ie, create Osama video tapes. However Hollywood cannot yet simulate human voices, so they must mess up the audio. Then they pretend that the audio was just incredibly low quality and hope nobody asks why.

    What about Building #7?

    I think building #7 was destroyed simply for convenience. The owners of the complex were certainly thinking that after the towers are destroyed they would be able to rebuild something more profitable on the site.

    However, building #7 was so far away from the towers that it might not get damaged. They would then have to find an excuse to get rid of it. They would also have to pay a demolition company to take it down.

    By destroying this building while the towers were being destroyed, they could do a less-expensive, sloppier demolition job, and they would not have to explain why they were getting rid of a perfectly good building.

    The CIA had an office in Building 7, so it is possible that the one additional advantage of destroying this building was to get rid of that office. Here is onearticle about it.

    Why explode Building #7 so late in the evening?

    Building 7 was exploded at 5:30 p.m., which was many, many hours after the towers had been exploded. The reason was certainly to give people a chance to get out of the building. Also, NYC's finest had chased everybody away from the area by the evening.

    If they had exploded Building 7 in the morning a lot of people in and around the building would have been killed. Also, a lot of TV cameras and photographers would have taken pictures of it turning into dust. A lot of people would be holding funerals for people who died in Building 7. Many people in the nation would be asking each other:

    "There were only two planes; why did three, giant, steel and concrete buildings turn into dust?"

    By waiting until the evening there would be few deaths or witnesses. Also, it was darker at this time, so it would have been more difficult to see it and photograph it.

    It is also interesting to consider that the building was evacuated hours before it collapsed, thereby allowing the landlord's people to get inside and ransack any office they pleased. Remember, a CIA office was in this building. Since the building would become powder in a few hours, nobody had to worry about fingerprints or other evidence.

    Maybe they even ransacked offices in the towers, as well as steal some gold from the vaults in the basement. The North tower stood for almost two hours, so that would be enough time to steal a few truckloads of gold and other items.

    Will Silverstein profit from the insurance?

    The Wall Street Journal has an article about how Silverstein is asking for each tower to be treated as a separate accident, thereby providing two insurance claims rather than just one. If he was involved in this scam, we may end up paying him an enormous amount of money to rebuild what he just destroyed.

    What about other conspiracy theories?

    Whoever put explosives in the buildings is risking more than a murder charge, so expect them to toss out a lot of false information in an attempt to throw people off course.

    Or, am I releasing a false conspiracy theory, possibly without realizing it? Am I being fed false information by somebody? Who can we trust when the murder charges are this extreme?

    "Maybe it is another 'Chinese box'; ie, boxes inside of other boxes designed to mislead and confuse."Geeman, Jan 2002

    OK! I will accuse the U.S. government!

    Many people tell me I am wrong for accusing Israel of this attack. The most popular theory is that the American government was behind this attack. They point out that the American government has attacked its own people many times in the past in order to justify military operations (eg, the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam in 1964). However, there is a significant difference between the fake attacks of the past and this World Trade Center attack:
    • The fake attacks destroyed only a small amount of property and hurt or killed only a few Americans.
    • The World Trade Center attack killed thousands, some from other nations, and the financial effect is staggering. Not only was a lot of property destroyed, but the cleanup will be very expensive, and our economy has been hurt badly.
    Some people might argue: "Well, our government is too stupid to realize that this could have a devastating effect on our economy!"

    What were our government's motives?

    The people who did this spent a lot of time on the planning, preparation, and cover-up. They are also risking a lot more than a simple murder charge. Why would our government take such an incredible risk and undertake such a complex, fake attack? How could the reward be worth this risk? What was the reward? What was their motive? And which of the millions of government employees were involved?

    Some people believe that the Bush administration wants to put an oil pipeline through Afghanistan, and since the Taliban was not cooperating with us they needed an excuse to bomb them, and somehow everybody else in the government decided to go along with this plan.

    The problem with that theory is that bombing Afghanistan does not guarantee that we will be able to build a pipeline. We are helping the Northern Alliance and the Russians get control of Afghanistan, and neither of them can be considered our close friends. Why didn't our government at least try to put a group of people in control of Afghanistan that were more friendly towards us?

    Some people might argue that: "Well, our government is too stupid to consider the possibility that the Northern Alliance would not let us build a pipeline!"

    Also, tens of billions of dollars were destroyed in the attack and spent on the bombing. For that amount of money the Taliban might have allowed the pipeline. Is any pipeline worth this expense?

    Some people might argue that: "Well, our government is too stupid to consider they will spend more money on the pipeline than it will give us in return!"

    How can we justify a theory with:

    "Well, our government is stupid! That is why nothing makes sense!"
    When a theory does not make sense, it is better to look for an alternative theory rather than accuse everybody of stupidity. When people are truly stupid, they commit their crimes in stupid ways, and some of their crimes are so stupid they are amusing.
    For true examples:http://www.clumsycrooks.com/

    Furthermore, was it the Bush administration who planned it in the short time they were in office? Or did Clinton plan it and then Bush decided to finish it for him? Or did some other agency do it without Clinton or Bush knowing about it? Or did Bush plan this while Clinton was president?

    I can accept the possibility that our government was involved, but I think that they were taken advantage of. Perhaps the Mossad has infiltrated the CIA and US military to such an extreme that they are influencing their decisions. For just one scenario:

    Israel tells the Bush administration that they have evidence that the Arabs are planning to fly an airplane into the Pentagon. Israel and the Jews within the US Government convince, bribe, and blackmail the non-Jewish idiots to let the Arabs do the attack so that the USA will have an excuse to attack Osama, the Taliban, and Saddam.

    Israel suggests that they be given access to the computers which give them control over the aircraft. Israel says this will guarantee that the aircraft crash in front of the Pentagon so that nobody actually gets hurt. Israel shows where in front of the Pentagon the plane will crash. The Pentagon tells its employees it will renovate the section of the building that the Arabs will hit. Israel also convinces the Pentagon idiots to have a missile ready to hit the Pentagon, just in case the flight doesn't make it.

    The Pentagon would be willing to go along with this fake terrorist attack because Clinton was cutting the military budget. Pentagon officials always resist having their jobs taken away. The last thing a military leader wants to do is get a real job.

    When Bush was elected the Pentagon had no reason to continue the fake terrorist attack. However, Bush is a moron. Slowly the economy deteriorated and the Enron scandal starting to make news. Soon the Bush administration and the Pentagon would be willing to support a fake terrorist attack simply to divert people from the economic problems and Enron.

    Israel secretly videotapes the Bush administration and Pentagon officials as they make the plans for the fake terrorist attack. Then, a few minutes before the planes hit the World Trade Centers, Israel notifies the Bush administration of the videotapes.

    The Pentagon officials then watch in horror as two planes crash into the World Trade Center. I doubt if the Pentagon would have authorized the destruction of the World Trade Center. Notice that the fake attack on the Pentagon did not hurt many people, and it did not destroy much of the Pentagon. The WTC attack, by comparison, was an incredible act of violence and destruction. Under "normal" circumstances, the Pentagon would consider such destruction to be an act of war. (Or is my opinion of the Pentagon officials too high? Did they authorize the attack of the WTC?)

    I think (actually, I hope) that the Pentagon officials became angry when they saw the WTC destroyed. I hope they only went along with the fake attack on the Pentagon. In which case they would be wondering where Flight 93 was going to crash. They asked each other if they should do something and risk having those videos released. Perhaps Flight 93 (the plane that was suppose to hit the US Capitol) and Flight 77 (the plane to hit the Pentagon) were shot down when the Pentagon officials couldn't take it any longer.

    Then, in order not to upset Israel, they fired the cruise missile at the Pentagon, as originally planned, and they pretended the passengers caused Flight 93 to crash.

    This scenario would explain why the CIA, FBI, military, and entire Bush administration is struggling to suppress investigations.

    Many people insist that our government is intelligent enough to pull off stunts like this, while at the same time these same people claim our government is so stupid that they cannot see the obvious, such as how this fake attack is seriously hurting our nation.

    Our government is full of Jews

    I believe our government is stupid. Also, lots of Jews are in our government, and their primary interest may be Israel. Therefore, if our non-Jewish government officials were involved in this, I think they were double-crossed or taken advantage of by the Jews.

    The non-Jewish Americans have suffered from this attack. Only Israel gains. They are increasing their killing of Arabs, increasing their takeover of Palestinian land, and pushing America into bombing Iraq. They may have also collected a lot more blackmail material. How many people in the Bush administration, Enron, Pentagon, Dyncorp, and others are afraid to talk honestly about this attack?

    Perhaps Israel is promoting rumors that the American government did this attack in order to divert attention from Israel.

    If you have any speculations, discuss them! We might eventually figure it out! (Not that anything will happen if we do, but it would be interesting to figure it out.)

    Did the Arabs bomb the WTC in 1993?

    While we are on the subject of scams, were Arabs responsible for the 1993 bombing? I no longer think so. Take a look at this alternative explanation:

    If you need more evidence that Israel is capable of attacking the USA (actually, anybody who gets in their way), and that this information is suppressed by our media (and ignored by most Americans even if they are exposed to it), here is a bit of information and links to The USS Liberty, The Lavon Affair, and The Deir Yassin massacre: Censorship

    A brief history of Israel

    Some of you know more about the Middle East than I do, but most Americans know almost nothing about it. This attack on the World Trade Center came about because of incredible levels of anger between Arabs and Jews, and the USA is in the middle of this fight.

    Since Americans are involved, we should have a better understanding of the history of the Middle East and America's involvement in it.

    Zionism gets established

    Jews have been scattered around Europe and Russia for centuries. However, they were never welcome anywhere, except for brief periods. Not surprisingly, many Jews dreamed of having their own nation.

    In 1897 Chaim Weizmann, a British Jew, officially announced the creation of the Zionist movement. The goal of Zionism was to create a nation for Jews in Palestine. Their goal was not to make friends around the world, nor to love other nations or other people.

    The problem they faced was that the Arabs who were living there had no desire to give it up. Also, Turkey had control of Palestine of this time, and Turkey refused to give any part of Palestine to the Jews.

    A few Jews moved into Palestine at this time, but only in small numbers were allowed in, and they could not take the land for their own nation.

    The Arabs were not concerned when the first few Jews came in. The Arabs did not realize what was coming up in the future, just as the Native Americans did not realize what was happening when the Pilgrims landed on their shore. Only after a few years, when the quantity of Jews increased, did the Arabs become angry.

    Zionists look for friends in high places

    Britain was regarded as a world leader at this time (America at this time was not much above Australia in the world's social hierarchy). The Zionists thought that perhaps the British government could somehow help them.

    The Zionists needed influence over the British government. They soon noticed a law firm in London in which one of the partners was also a government official. By going to this law firm for any legal help they needed, (or pretended to need), they would have access to a high-level government official. This gave them the opportunity to become friends (at least to a certain extent) with a government official. This contact with the law firm turned out to help them meet other government officials.

    The Zionists spent a lot of time contacting British government officials and trying to convince them to help the Zionists cause, but the most the British government was willing to do was in 1903 when they offered to make some land in Uganda available to the Zionists. (Britain still had colonies around the world at this time.)

    Since Turkey controlled Palestine, I have to wonder what the Zionists were thinking the British government could do for them. Did they think it was possible that the British government would convince Turkey into allowing a portion of Palestine to become Israel? Or did they think Britain would start a war with Turkey, drive the Turks out of Palestine, and then give Palestine to the Zionists?

    The Brits, French, and Zionists try to use each other in WW1

    Zionism got established in 1896, but not much happened with it until World War 1.

    Exactly what role the Zionists played during World War 1 is a mystery. All we know for certain is that Britain and France were trying to win the war, and the Zionists were looking for help in creating Israel.

    Before I continue, you should be aware that during wars there is a lot of lying, manipulation, spying, fake documents, and double crossing. You cannot expect historians to make sense of events during a war because the lying and deception is at extreme levels.

    We know that during the war both the British and French governments gave the Zionists a document which offered support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine, although in such a vague manner that neither government was actually committing to anything.

    The questions nobody can answer are: Did the Zionists manipulate the British and French in order to get those documents? Or did the British and French give the Zionists those documents in an attempt to use the Zionists in some manner? Or (most likely) were all three groups trying to use one another?

    Some historians believe the British government was trying to use the Zionists to bring America into the war, thereby providing Britain with some assistance. In this scenario, Britain wanted the Zionists to encourage the American Jews to put pressure on the American government to get into in the war.

    Some historians also believe that some British government officials may have been thinking that it would be to Britain's advantage to have Zionists in Palestine because that would put some friends of Britain near the Suez canal.

    Furthermore, some historians believe that some British officials also made promises to Arabs, while other officials made promises to France.

    If this situation seems crazy and confusing, remember, this was a time of war. Individual government officials sometimes act on their own, promising things they cannot deliver, and promising things that conflict with the promises of other officials. And sometimes people and governments make promises that they have no intention of keeping.

    Nobody will ever know exactly what the Zionists, British, or French were thinking, or who was involved in what, or how these three groups were trying to use, abuse, and/or double cross one another. All we know is that in June of 1917 the French gave the Zionists a document that expressed support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine, and in November of 1917 the British government did also.

    The French document was so vague that it essentially stated, "Hey, a homeland for Jews! Great idea! Good Luck!"

    The British document had a bit more substance. Not surprisingly, the French document never became important to the Zionists, while the British document became referred to it as the "Balfour Declaration".

    The Balfour Declaration stated that the British government would help the Jews create a homeland in Palestine as long as it did not bother the Palestinians. Exactly how the British could accomplish such a feat was what we might refer to as "a minor detail" that the British never bothered to explain. The British government had agreed to something that they could easily back out of on the grounds that they cannot see how they can help the Jews without annoying the Palestinians.

    What this means is that the Zionists did not get anything of value from the British or the French.

    Did the British or the French get anything from the Zionists? Since it appears that the Zionists helped encourage America to get into the war, it seems that the British got what they wanted. Therefore, we might say that it appears as if the British outsmarted the Zionists in this situation.

    Britain becomes guardian of Palestine

    World War One changed the situation dramatically in Palestine because Turkey was a loser in that war. British troops in 1918 drove the Turks out of Palestine. The Palestinians then became free to have their own nation again, but they did not have a government because they had been under Turkish control for many generations.

    Britain agreed to maintain some troops in Palestine and protect the area until 1948 in order to give the Palestinians have a chance to form their own government and recover from the war. This policy became official in 1922 when the League of Nations agreed to the plan. The British protection was scheduled to stop in 1948, at which time it was assumed the Palestinians would be capable to taking care of themselves.

    The protection of Palestine by the British created a dilemma for the Zionists. The goal of Britain was to protect Palestine from outside forces, and that meant protecting them from Zionists.

    However, the Balfour Declaration would come back to haunt the British. When Turkey had control of Palestine, that declaration was a meaningless piece of paper. Now that Britain was guardian of Palestine, the Jews would use it to pressure the British into letting Jews emigrate to Palestine.

    After the war the Jews took the Balfour Declaration to the League of Nations and convinced them to approve it also. Then they could put even more pressure on the British government by saying that even the League of Nations agrees to the idea of a Jewish home in Palestine. The Zionists had outsmarted the British.

    Jews arrive in Palestine in large numbers

    The Jews would push the British government into allowing a group Jews to emigrate to Palestine. However, whenever a group of Jews arrived in Palestine, it would cause fights with the Arabs. The British would respond by forbidding more Jews from emigrating to Palestine. The Jews would then repeat the process. They would hold up the Balfour Declaration and beg, plead, and manipulate.

    Time after time the British government officials would agree to allow another group of Jews to emigrate to Palestine, which would create fights in Palestine, and then the British would forbid Jews from emigrating to Palestine. This cycle repeated over and over. Palestine was becoming a battlezone between Zionists and Palestinians, and the Zionist population kept rising.

    The British government let themselves get pushed into a ridiculous situation. They had signed the Balfour Declaration which gave their approval to a Jewish homeland in Palestine, but their main priority was to protect Palestinians. There was no way the British could appease both groups of people. They ended up doing what politicians in democratic nations do all the time. Namely, they occasionally appeased both groups. The end result was that the situation became more of mess than before they got involved. Some Palestinians may have been wishing Turkey still controlled the area!

    As the population of Jews in Palestine increased, the Jews became increasingly arrogant and demanding. Some of the Jews eventually reached a point where there were no longer content to kill only the Arabs; specifically, they occasionally attacked the British, and even killed some British soldiers. Israel had become more important than the lives of their British friends.

    The Americans could have been the first Nazis

    The Zionists were considered terrorists, by both the British and American definition. It is interesting to consider that if the Americans had been conducting an anti-terrorist campaign during the early 1900's, they would have been tossing those Daisy Cutter and other adorable bombs with cute names all over Palestine in order to kill the Zionists and defend both the Palestinians and the British. The Americans would have been killing Jews before Hitler came to power. The Americans may have destroyed the Zionist movement.

    The Jews benefitted from Hitler more than from Moses

    The Zionist movement changed dramatically when Hitler came to power. As you probably know, the Nazis considered the Jews to be a menace to society. When the Nazis first acquired power in 1933, they confiscated businesses from the Jews and harassed them. The Nazis wanted the Jews to get out of Germany. Not surprisingly, many of the Jews reacted by leaving Germany.

    The flow of Jews out of Germany helped the Zionist movement because some of those Jews decided to join the Zionist cause. The Nazis inadvertently fuelled the Zionist fire.

    Some of those Jews moved to Britain where they assisted in pressuring the British government officials to allow Jews to move to Palestine.

    Sometime after 1940 the Nazis decided that driving the Jews into the neighboring nations was not solving the Jewish problem. The Nazis decided to exterminate the Jews. This turned out to be the greatest thing that has ever happened to the Jews. After World War Two was over the Jews would hold up the gas chambers and use them to gain pity from everybody on the planet.

    Hitler " inadvertently " did more to help the Jews than anybody else. The Nazi gas chambers are still providing lots of benefits to the Jews 50 years later! And the Jews may benefit from those gas chambers for decades more, maybe even centuries!

    From 1945 onward, the world has become saturated with sad stories about the Holocaust. It seems as if every Jewish author has written at least one book, play, or article about the Holocaust. It seems as if every Jewish moviemaker has created at least one Holocaust movie. It is difficult to get through a single day in America without hearing at least one reference to Nazis or Holocaust victims.

    Consider just a few more examples of how the Jews use Hitler:

  • Saddam was described as "the Hitler of the Mideast".

  • In 1984 Nathan Perlmutter of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, and Nat Hentoff of the Village Voice, referred to Minister Farrakhan as a "Black Hitler."http://abbc.com/islam/english/toread/farrfact.htm

  • In May 2001 the President of Syria complained about Israel's occupation of Syria and Palestine. The next day many people in the media referred to him as a Hitler.http://www.mediamonitors.net/khodr46.html
  • Where would the Jews be today if it hadn't been for Hitler?

    Every group of people can claim to have been a victim of a holocaust, and everybody can accuse their attackers of being "a Viking Hitler", or "a Chinese Hitler", or "a Protestant Hitler", or "an Aztec Hitler".

    Even Christians use Hitler and Nazis to manipulate emotions. Was it Rush Limbaugh who created the word "feminazis" to refer to women he did not like?

    How much money in royalties would the Jews, Limbaugh, and others owe the Hitler Corporation if Hitler could have copyrighted words such as "Nazi" and "Hitler"?

    You might find it interesting to imagine how awful the world would be if every group of people and every religion were to saturate us with their particular holocaust stories in movies, newspapers, and daily conversations. Imagine day after day, year after year the French repeat holocaust stories of how they suffered abuse from the British and the Germans. Imagine the victims of Napoleon and the French Foreign Legion bombarding us with their holocaust stories. How about the Native Americans providing holocaust stories about how they suffered from the European immigrants? Don't forget the central Europeans who have holocaust stories about how they suffered from the Nazi-Vikings.

    It seems as if most books and movies in America find a way to remind us of Hitler or Nazis. Imagine that every group of people were to provide as many holocaust books and movies as the Jews. Imagine that every time you look in a newspaper or magazine, or every time you watch the TV news, you have to put up with somebody's holocaust story.

    None of the books or movies about the Holocaust are serious; rather, they try to stimulate pity of Jews and hatred of Nazis. The Holocaust stories are attempts to manipulate, not educate.

    The Jews are simply exploiting the suffering and death of their fellow Jews. The moment a Jew suffers or dies, the other Jews look for ways to exploit the situation. It reminds me of the way cockroaches immediately begin eating one another when one of them dies.

    It also reminds me of the way American lawyers try to profit from crimes and fights. Our lawyers are not interested in understanding why fights or crimes are occurring, nor do they show any desire to prevent future problems. Instead, they look for ways to profit from other people's problems.

    America becomes a Superpower

    World War Two changed the world in one other very significant way. Specifically, it put America into the role of world leader.

    In 1945 America found itself with lots of advanced European technology and weapons. A group people with almost no understanding of Palestine, Zionism, or much else, suddenly became the world leader.

    "It's your problem now; we're out of here!"

    Britain had agreed to remove its soldiers from Palestine in 1948. It was assumed that by 1948 the Palestinians would be ready to function as an independent nation. Unfortunately, in the decades prior to 1948 the Zionists had been moving into Palestine and fighting with the Palestinians in an attempt to drive them off the land. The Palestinians never got their government established due to the fighting, terrorism, and chaos.

    When World War Two began, Britain turned its attention to the war. After the war they were busy recovering from it. The British people were no longer much interested in protecting Palestine; rather, there were more concerned about their own nation. The British government decided to remove their troops in 1948 despite the fact that the Palestinians were not ready to govern themselves. In February of 1947 Britain warned the United Nations that the problem will be in their hands in 1948.

    So, in 1947 the representatives at the United Nations discussed what to do with this disaster in Palestine. Somebody brought up the suggestion that Palestine be divided into a Jewish area and a Palestinian area. He even provided a map and showed how to divide the land. The Palestinians and other Arab nations considered this to be unacceptable.

    Government officials in democratic nations tend to be submissive; ie, they try to please as many people as possible. British government officials are no exception. Voting for the proposal to divide Palestine would upset the Palestinians, and voting against it would upset the Zionists. The solution the British officials came up with was to avoid voting. Nine other nations also decided not to vote.

    The United Nations is nothing more than a meeting place where representatives discuss issues (and avoid controversial issues). The representatives discussed this proposal to divide Palestine, but since the nations could not agree to anything, nothing was done about it. The United Nations then ignored the problem and moved on to other issues.

    How will the world ever become a nice place to live when democratic government officials have this tendency to please as many people as possible and avoid controversial problems?

    The United Nations is regarded by millions of people as a great organization that solves problems, but I challenge you to find one problem that it has solved. The UN representatives discuss a lot of issues, but they don't solve any problems. When the United Nations makes a decision to do something, such as to bomb Iraq in 1991, it is due to pressure by America. America virtually controls the United Nations.

    Israel is announced in 1948

    At midnight on May 14, 1948 the British were officially ending their protection of Palestine. The Palestinians did not yet have a real government, and neither did the Zionists. The British were taking their troops away from two groups of leaderless people who were fighting with each other. The British did not care, and neither did the United Nations. In fact, nobody cared. Most of Europe was recovering from war, and most of the rest of the world had plenty of their own problems to deal with. Nobody wanted to get involved in the fighting between the Palestinians and Zionists.

    The Zionists announced that at midnight " the moment the British were officially gone " the nation of Israel will officially begin. They decided use the borders that were discussed at the United Nations in 1947.

    Not surprisingly, the Arab nations were annoyed with this announcement, and the fighting escalated to a serious war.

    Most nations ignored the announcement about Israel. Initially, nobody considered Israel to be a nation. The exception was America.

    Midnight in Palestine was 6:00 pm at the US Capitol. According to the Truman archives, 11 minutes after 6:00 pm President Truman signed a document that recognized Israel.

    How did Truman come to this decision so quickly? Did the Congress, the President, and the American citizens hold meetings and discuss the issue of the fighting between Palestinians and Zionists? Did the Americans decide within 11 minutes that the best solution to this problem is to recognize Israel and ignore the Palestinians? Or had the Americans been discussing this issue for many years already?

    Most Americans today have no idea what Zionism is, and no understanding of the history of Palestine or Israel. The Americans of 1948 were just as ignorant. The decision to recognize Israel did not come from serious discussions by the American people or the American government. Rather, it was due to manipulation by Jews.

    The Jews manipulated Truman and other American government officials into recognizing Israel, just as they manipulated the British government officials into allowing Zionists to move to Palestine. Most of the American population had no idea what was going on.

    How did the Jews manipulate Truman?

    Let's look at the Truman library. I selected the following entries from what is a very brief summary of Truman's daily activities. You can find the complete listing at this site:

    My comments are underneath the entries.

    October 17, 1947: President Truman writes to Senator Claude Pepper: "I received about 35,000 pieces of mail and propaganda from the Jews in this country while this matter [the issue of the partition of Palestine, which was being considered by the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine from May 13, 1947 to August 31, 1947] was pending. I put it all in a pile and struck a match to it -- I never looked at a single one of the letters because I felt the United Nations Committee [United Nations Special Committee on Palestine] was acting in a judicial capacity and should not be interfered with."

    The Jews would inundate Truman with mail in an attempt to manipulate him. However, this entry shows you that Truman was trying to ignore them.

    December 12, 1947: President Truman writes to Chaim Weizmann, president of the Jewish Agency for Palestine and the World Zionist Organization, that it is essential that restraint and tolerance be exercised by all parties if a peaceful settlement is to be reached in the Middle East.

    Truman's remark to Weizmann is similar to those that our government leaders give to Israel today. Specifically, Truman did not want to support the killings by the Zionists, but he did not have the emotional strength to say so directly. Instead, he made a very mild, polite suggestion for the Zionists to restrain themselves. Can you imagine if the police were so emotionally timid that they politely ask Jeff Dahmer to "exercise restraint and tolerance"? Do you wonder how Stalin found it easy to dominate Truman and other democratic leaders?

    February 21, 1948: Eddie Jacobson, a longtime and close personal friend of President Truman, sends a telegram to Truman, asking him to meet with Chaim Weizmann,...

    Weizmann flies to America, and a Jewish friend of Truman tries to convince him to meet Weizmann. Why a personal meeting? Why not correspond by letter or telephone? The reason is that people can be manipulated in person much easier than with a letter. Weizmann wanted a personal meeting with Truman in order to manipulate him.

    February 27, 1948: President Truman writes to his friend Eddie Jacobson, refusing to meet with Chaim Weizmann...

    Truman certainly knew that the only reason Weizmann wanted a personal meeting was so that he could push Truman into supporting the Zionists.

    March 13, 1948: President Truman's friend Eddie Jacobson walks into the White House without an appointment and pleads with Truman to meet with Chaim Weizmann, ..

    Here we find Truman's Jewish "friend" taking advantage of him. Was Jacobson really Truman's "friend"? Or was Jacobson maintaining this friendship for the potential benefits?

    March 18, 1948: President Truman meets with Chaim Weizmann. Truman says he wishes to see justice done in Palestine without bloodshed, and that if the Jewish state were declared and the United Nations remained stalled in its attempt to establish a temporary trusteeship over Palestine, the United States would recognize the new state immediately.

    At this meeting, Weizmann pressured Truman into agreeing to immediately recognize the state of Israel the moment it is established. Truman is not permitted to think about it or discuss this issue with the nation.

    April 11, 1948: President Truman's friend Eddie Jacobson enters the White House unnoticed by the East Gate and meets with Truman. Jacobson recorded of this meeting: "He reaffirmed, very strongly, the promises he had made to Dr. Weizmann and to me; and he gave me permission to tell Dr. Weizmann so, which I did. It was at this meeting that I also discussed with the President the vital matter of recognizing the new state, and to this he agreed with a whole heart."

    Again his Jewish "friend" slips in and pressures him into promising to carry through with the verbal promise he made with Weizmann. Do you have friends who treat you like that at your job?

    May 13, 1948: Chaim Weizmann writes to President Truman: "I deeply hope that the United States, which under your leadership has done so much to find a just solution [to the Palestine situation], will promptly recognize the Provisional Government of the new Jewish state. The world, I think, would regard it as especially appropriate that the greatest living democracy should be the first to welcome the newest into the family of nations."

    One day before Israel announces its independence, Weizmann again contacts Truman for one final bit of praise, followed by a suggestion of what Truman should do. He then finishes by implying Truman will be considered a great man for recognizing Israel.

    The Truman diaries show that Jews contacted Truman time after time after time. They also sent tens of thousands of letters. They would push and push and push until they got what they wanted. If Truman refused to meet with the Jews, his "friend" would show up unannounced. If Truman made a verbal promise to the Jews, the Jews would come back and make sure that he really intended to keep it.

    Keep in mind that Truman was probably only one government official that the Jews were working on. For all we know, 90% of America's government officials were being pressured by Jews, and for a variety of selfish polices, not just for Israel.

    The Truman Library has a photograph of the "document" that Truman signed that gave recognition to Israel. The photograph shows two creases in the paper, suggesting that it had been placed in an envelope, perhaps for mailing. Did Truman do that? Or did the people who archive documents do it?

    I would not be surprised if Weizmann typed the document and mailed it to Truman. Then Truman held onto it until he was told to sign it. When the orders came in from Weizmann, Truman made a couple of handwritten corrections to the document, stamped it, and signed it. Take a look:

    Even if Truman typed it himself, is this your idea of a proper government?

    America ignores the Palestinians

    Truman was pressured into recognizing Israel, but the Americans never did anything about the Palestinians. It never occurred to the Americans that they cannot simply ignore all those Palestinians, many of whom were very angry. Or, perhaps Truman wanted to do something for the Palestinians but every time he made such a suggestion his Jewish "friend" would appear and talk him out of it.

    If America consisted of intelligent, educated people, they would have discussed the issue of what to do with the Palestinians. But the decision to recognize Israel did not come from the American people, nor did it come from Truman. Rather, that decision came from the Jews. The American people were just pawns in their plans to create Israel. America was not Israel's friend; rather, America was just another nation to exploit.

    Most Americans did not understand what was going on in Palestine. The end result is that after the British tried for decades to protect the Palestinians, the Americans came in 1948 to help the Zionists create Israel and assist them in their killings of Palestinians.

    Americans alter their language in 1948

    There was no official announcement of the change, but sometime around 1948 the American government and media changed the way it used a few words, such as "terrorist". For a few examples, the Palestinians became "terrorists", and the Zionists became Israeli "settlers". The Palestinians wanted "war"; the Israelis wanted "peace". The Palestinians became "murderers", the Israelis became "defenders" of their land.

    Who brought about these changes in the use of these words? Did the American Congress or the American people hold meetings and seriously discuss which of these groups of people should be labeled as "terrorists"? Of course not. This is just another example of how the Jews manipulate the media.

    Israel expands in the war of 1948

    The Zionists movement appeared to be a group of peaceful Jews looking for a home, but when independence was declared in 1948, they somehow had a lot of weapons to fight the Arab nations. Where did their weapons come from? Did America have a secret weapons smuggling program in operation?

    And why did Israel shoot down five British air force planes in January of 1949? Why were the Israelis once again attacking their friends? Did the Zionists use American weapons to shoot down those planes?

    Two important results of the war are that a lot of the Arabs were chased out of Palestine (and killed), and the Jews grabbed more land from the Arabs.

    Britain finally recognizes Israel

    Once America recognized Israel as a nation, other nations slowly followed within days, weeks, or months. Britain was the exception.

    On April 27, 1950 Britain finally gives in to the pressure and recognized Israel as a nation. Why did Britain refuse to recognize Israel for almost two years? Do you recall that Truman needed only 11 minutes?

    I suspect that the British refused to recognize Israel because the Brits knew what was going on in Palestine. They had been victims of manipulation by the Jews for decades, and they had been victims of Zionist terrorism. The British experienced the treachery, murder, and lies. When the Brits looked at Israel, they did not see a group of friends who deserved help; rather, they saw a group of selfish terrorists who turn on and manipulate their friends if they are not given what they want.

    I suppose that the nations most willing to recognize Israel were the ones who had the least understanding of how Israel became established and what the Zionist movement was.

    Jews exploit America for money and weapons

    Whenever fights would break out, the Jews within America would fill the news reports with emotional stories of murderous Palestinian terrorists and innocent Israeli settlers. The ignorant American people never questioned those reports. Rather, they pitied the Jews.

    The Jews pressured the American government into providing Israel with money and weapons. Through the years they would increase the amount of money they wanted, and today they are getting several billion dollars each year.

    It was not the American people who made the decision to pour billions of dollars each year into Israel. This decision came from the Jews who manipulate American government officials.

    America purchases peace with the Arabs

    Eventually America began giving billions of dollars each year to Egypt and a few other Arab nations in an attempt to convince them to accept Israel. The end result is that we are spending an incredible amount of money each year in an attempt to keep Israel alive.

    Can you handle more?

    Try Part 2:

    Part 2; Who would put explosives in WTC? And why?

    What happened to the donations to the victims?

    Americans donated a lot of money to the victims. Did all that money go to "good causes?"

    The history of America shows that there are always people who try to profit from disasters and wars. Our history also shows lots of scandals even during peaceful, happy times.

    What are the chances that during a phony disaster the people would behave better than they do during a real disaster? I suspect that even more people will try to take advantage of a phony disaster.

    I suspect that there were lots of people in "management" who were taking a salary, and that there were lots of phony expenses by lots of companies.

    Furthermore, with all of the suing that goes on America, I would not be surprised if a lot of people and a lot of lawyers were looking for ways to sue somebody simply for the sake of profit.


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