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an attempt to uncover the truth about September 11th 2001
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September the Eleventh 2001.

The World Trade Center.

In a Perfect World.
Evidence of Explosives in the World Trade Center Towers collapse.
Why did the World Trade Center Towers Fall? A Review of Thomas Eagar's (of MIT) Article.
Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers. A Review of Charles Clifton's Article.
The Jet Fuel; How hot did it heat the World Trade Center?
Proof the Twin Towers were Deliberately Demolished.
The FEMA Report into the World Trade Center 7 Collapse is a Total Joke.
Multi-Storey Buildings in Steel: The World Trade Center.
Some Articles from Engineering News Record.
Comments on the World Trade Center Demolition.
[MSC] Software used to simulate the crash of a Boeing 747 into the World Trade Center.
University of California, Berkeley Professor, Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl Testifies.
The World Trade Center 7 Explosion Myth.
The World Trade Center Towers collapse as an Enormous Insurance Scam
What went wrong with the investigation? By Eric Hufschmid (with comment).
Sixty State Street and the World Trade Center towers: A Comparison.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Reports on the World Trade Center disaster.

Table Of Contents for the FEMA World Trade Center Report.
Chapter 1 of the FEMA WTC Report: Introduction (with comment).
Chapter 2 of the FEMA WTC Report: The Twin Towers (with comment).
Chapter 3 of the FEMA WTC Report: WTC 3.
Chapter 4 of the FEMA WTC Report: WTC 4, 5, and 6.
Chapter 5 of the FEMA WTC Report: World Trade Center Seven (with comment).
Chapter 6 of the FEMA WTC Report: Bankers Trust Building.
Chapter 7 of the FEMA WTC Report: Peripheral Buildings.
Appendix A of the FEMA WTC Report: Overview of Fire Protection in Buildings.
Appendix B of the FEMA WTC Report: Structural Steel and Steel Connections.
Appendix D of the FEMA WTC Report: WTC Steel Data Collection.
The FEMA World Trade Center Collection in PDF-document format.

The Fires.

Research Results from the Cardington Test Fires (text only).
A New Approach to Multi-Storey Steel Framed Buildings Fire and Steel Construction.
The Behaviour of Multi-storey Composite Steel Framed Structures in Response to Compartment Fires.
The Cardington Tests and the Broadgate Fire.
Tapes Tell of Firefighters Courage at WTC.
The Cardington Reports in PDF-document format.

The Pentagon.

A Detailed Analysis of whether or not a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon.
Photos of Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon are a Complete and Utter Fabrication.
The Bijlmer Crash - Joe Vialls - Caught in a Lie.
Carol A. Valentine Article Completely Wrong.
The Strange Case of the Sports Utility Vehicle at the Pentagon.
How the Size of the Plane in the "Explosion" Photo was Calculated.
The Essence of the Problem.
Article on the Pentagon Retrofit.

The Response, Or Rather, Lack Of It.

District of Columbia Air National Guard Mission And Vision Statement.
New Jersey Air National Guard Mission Statement.
An example of Air National Guard efficency.
Where was NORAD on September Eleven?


Stranger Than Fiction (from www.whatreallyhappened.com).
Evidence that the Arabs are Not to blame for the WTC attack.
Seismic Waves Generated by Aircraft Impacts and Building Collapses at the WTC.
Seismic Observations During the September 11, 2001, Terrorist Attack.
Sixty State Street: A Case Study.
Suspicious Stock Option Movements prior to September 11.
Many 9-11 "Hijackers" are Still Alive and Well.
Israelis arrested on suspicion of 9-11 involvement.
Sept 11th - Unanswered Questions By MalcontentX.
Collection of Eric Hufschmid's early articles.
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