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an attempt to uncover the truth about September 11th 2001
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A cute animated gif made from CNN video footage, has been making the rounds of the internet. You can view it at

http://www.cyberspaceorbit.com/towerblast.html (local copy here).

If you want your own copy, right click on the image and choose save as from the menu. The file is called gunblast21.gif and is 1.64 megabytes in size.

The story is that the animated sequence shows the dust cloud from a huge explosion at WTC Seven, which happened before the collapse of either of the twin towers, both of which can be seen to be still standing (in some versions of the story the explosion is at WTC Six).

The following is the eighth frame from the animation.

The dust cloud is clearly visible, but I couldn't figure where the "clearly visible" south tower was. In the end I came to the conclusion that it wasn't there, it had already collapsed. Consider the following two pictures. The first is the initial frame of the animation and the second is a photo taken from the same direction as the CNN video.

One can conclude that both photos were taken from the same direction from the fact that the TV tower lines up perfectly with the north west corner of the north tower in both pictures. Note that the fact that the roof lines do not quite match up, shows that the pictures were taken from slightly different elevations (and/or from different distances, but only the direction concerns us here). The following are two composite pictures made from the above images, with the initial frame of the animation sandwiched between them for easy comparison. The first was produced by making the addition partially transparent (so you can see both pictures at the same time) and the third picture is just one photo laid over the other.

The first picture is particularly revealing as you can clearly see sky in the background (through a break in the smoke) exactly where you should see the south tower. This tells you that the south tower has already collapsed and that the dust cloud in the animation is the dust cloud from the collapse of that tower.

At a quick glance, the two faces of the north tower can be mistaken for separate towers, but closer inspection clearly shows that this is not the case. There are a few other ways to realize that you are only looking at the one tower. For one thing, the position of the TV antenna. For another, if the right face of the north tower was in fact the south tower, then the aircraft impact would be significantly lower, as shown in the above photo. Anyway, that an explosion big enough to produce a dust cloud some 500 feet high, was not noticed by anyone on the scene in New York, is preposterous. If someone planned to demolish WTC Seven (or Six) then they would have used small charges at strategic locations, not some block busting bomb. That the dust cloud from the collapse of the South Tower could have risen higher than the 47 floor WTC 7 (the building in front of the dust cloud in the first photo) is a little surprising at first, but it did. Here are some photos of the dust clouds from the collapses of the towers.

Note the (700 foot high) piece of the WTC perimeter wall that stood by itself for a few seconds after the rest of the building had collapsed.

The entire sequence of photos from the animation can been seen here. Another sequence of photos of the same event can be seen here. This second sequence makes it very clear that the dust cloud in the animation is, in fact, the dust cloud from the collapse of the south tower. It is from EuroNews video footage (which was shot from a little further east than the CNN footage).

It appears that the animation is a deliberate attempt to mislead, but to what purpose is not clear. The fact that one has a sequence of sepia pictures from film shot on a bright summers day, is a dead give away that something is amiss. However, the conspirators who pulled of[f] the WTC demolition, would certainly NOT put out such a story, as it invites one to ask the question: What really did happen on September 11, 2001?

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