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Jetliner Crash Debris

Examples of Jetliner Crashes Leaving Little Recognizable Debris

Some skeptics of the official account of the 9/11/01 attack maintain that the apparent paucity of aircraft debris at the crash sites -- the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Shanksville PA -- is evidence that jetliners did not crash there. Such arguments are based on several assumptions, including that jetliner crashes always leave extensive debris with easily recognizable pieces. However, one does not have to look far to find numerous examples of crashes of jetliners and cargo jets that left almost no recognizable debris, such as those listed here.

Date: 11 July 1991
Airline: Nigeria Airways
Flight No.: 2120
Aircraft: DC-8-61
Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Fatalities: 261:261
Description: A fire in a wheel well prompted the crew to attempt an emergency landing. The fire damaged electrical cables and hydraulic lines, causing loss of control and the crash.
Date: 23 March 1994
Airline: Aeroflot
Flight No.: 593
Aircraft: Airbus A310-304
Location: Mezhdurechensk, Russia
Fatalities: 75:75
Description: During the flight the Captain allowed his daughter and son to sit in the pilots' seats while he demonstrated some autopilot features. A series of events led to +4.8g accelerations and a stall, followed by a spin, and ending in the crash.
Date: 08 September 1994
Airline: USAir
Flight No.: 427
Aircraft: B737-300
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Fatalities: 132:132
Description: During the approach to the Pittsburgh airport the rudder deflected, leading to the crash.
Date: 31 October 1994
Airline: American Eagle
Flight No.: 4184
Aircraft: ATR-72
Location: Roselawn, IN
Fatalities: 68:68
Description: While in a holding pattern to land at O'Hare Airport, ice accumulated on the wings, causing the aircraft to enter a spin from which the crew could not recover. (An ATR-72 is a commuter plane with an 88-foot wingspan)
Date: 03 April 1996
Airline: U.S. Air Force
Flight No.: 21
Aircraft: B737-T43
Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Fatalities: 35:35
Description: While performing an approach in poor weather conditions, the plane crashed into a mountain. (This crash killed U.S. Commerce Secretary Ron Brown)
Date: 11 May 1996
Airline: ValuJet
Flight No.: 592
Aircraft: DC-9-32
Location: Miami, FL
Fatalities: 112:112
Description: Shortly after takeoff, a fire developed in the cargo hold from improperly stored oxygen canisters and spread, eventually severing control cables, causing the crash into swampy terrain.
Date: 06 March 1999
Airline: Air France Cargo
Flight No.: Unknown
Aircraft: B747-200F
Location: Madras, India
Fatalities: 0:5
Description: A fire broke out during landing and burned out of control.
Date: 07 April 1999
Airline: Turkish Airlines
Flight No.: Unknown
Aircraft: B737-4Q8
Location: Ceyhan, Turkey
Fatalities: 6:6
Description: The plane crashed after takeoff for unknown reasons.
Date: 25 December 1999
Airline: Cubana de Aviacion
Flight No.: Unknown
Aircraft: Yaklovlev YAK-42 (like 727)
Location: Bejuma, Venezuela
Fatalities: 22:22
Description: After being diverted from its original destination of Caracas, the plane crashed about 9 miles from the airport.
Date: 12 April 1980
Airline: Transbrasil
Flight No.: Unknown
Aircraft: B727-27C
Location: Florianopolis, Br.
Fatalities: 55:58
Description: This plane crashed into a hill during an instrument approach to the Florianopolis airport.
Date: 19 February 1985
Airline: Iberia
Flight No.: 610
Aircraft: B727-256
Location: Vizcaya, Spain
Fatalities: 148:148
Description: This plane crashed during an approach in rain.
Date: 12 August 1985
Airline: Japan Airlines
Flight No.: 123
Aircraft: B747SR
Location: Mt. Osutaka, Japan
Fatalities: 520:524
Description: The plane crashed into a mountain following the loss of the tail due to an explosive decompression caused by the failure of the rear pressure bulkhead.
Date: 31 August 1986
Airline: Aeromexico
Flight No.: 498
Aircraft: DC-9-32
Location: Cerritos, CA
Fatalities: 64:64+18
Description: The plane crashed after colliding with an small plane whose pilot had suffered a heart attack.
Date: 05 July 1970
Airline: Air Canada
Flight No.: 621
Aircraft: DC-8-63
Location: Toronto, Canada
Fatalities: 109:109
Description: The plane exploded during a go around following a botched landing attempt which slammed the outermost engine on the runway.
Date: 6 June 1971
Airline: Hughes Airwest
Flight No.: 705
Aircraft: DC-9-31
Location: Duarte, CA
Fatalities: 49:49
Description: This plane crashed after colliding with an F-4B fighter jet.
Date: 25 June 1975
Airline: Eastern Air Lines
Flight No.: 66
Aircraft: B727-100
Location: New York, NY
Fatalities: 115:124
Description: This plane broke up and caught fire after striking approach lights during an instrument landing.
Date: 25 September 1978
Airline: Pacific Southwest AL
Flight No.: 182
Aircraft: B727-200
Location: San Diego, CA
Fatalities: 135:135+9
Description: This plane crashed after colliding with a small plane.
Date: 25 May 1979
Airline: American Airlines
Flight No.: 191
Aircraft: DC-10-10
Location: Chicago, IL
Fatalities: 270:270+2
Description: This plane crashed shortly after takeoff after one of the engines separated from the wing, severing hydraulic lines and leading to a stall and roll-over. (This was the deadliest crash in US history.)
Date: 09 September 1969
Airline: Allegheny Airlines
Flight No.: 853
Aircraft: DC-9-31
Location: Fairland, IN
Fatalities: 84:84
Description: This plane crashed after colliding with a small plane.

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