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Pre-Collapse Damage

Compositing Photographs to Determine Impact Damage

Due to the presence of smoke and firefighting operations after the explosion at the Pentagon, no single photograph shows the full extent of the damage to the facade before the collapse of the overhanging section. However, the maximum extent of punctures to the facade have been determined by compositing a number of photographs. This process allows us to determine the dimensions of the region with punctured walls:

  • about 96 feet wide across the first floor
  • about 18 feet wide across the second floor
  • about than 26 feet high in the center

The following composition was created by the author of the guardian site.

Although the composition is reasonably accurate, it does not use the best avialable photographs of impact damage. For more photographs and better-resolution photographs, see the pre-collapse damage photographs in the Pentagon attack evidence section. Also a detailed damage assessment is provided in the article Pentagon -- Exterior Impact Damage.

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