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Flight 93 Transcript

Transcript of Flight 93's Cockpit Voice Recorder

During the sentencing phase of the 2006 trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, the contents of the cocpit voice recorder of Flight 93 were played for the jury. On April 12, the government released a transcript of the recording, but not the recording itself. The last entry in the transcript has the timestamp 10:03:09, consistent with the 9/11 Commission's story that the crash was at 10:03. An report two years prior to the publication of the Commission's Report -- when the crash time was widely recognized as 10:06 -- stated that "the last seconds of the cockpit voice recorder are the loud sounds of wind, hinting at a possible hole somewhere in the fuselage." 1  

The following text transcript was copied from the PDF document disclosing a transcription of the CVR. The document is stamped "GOVERNMENT EXHIBIT P20056T 01-455-A ID."

Bolded text = English translation from Arabic

TIME EDT Transcript

09:31:57 Ladies and gentlemen: Here the captain, please sit down keep remaining seating. We have a bomb on board. So sit.

09:32:09 Er, uh ... Calling Cleveland center ... You're unreadable. Say again slowly.

09:32:10 Don't move. Shut up.

09:32:13 Come on, come.

09:32:16 Shut up.

09:32:17 Don't move.

09:32:18 Stop.

09:32:34 Sit, sit, sit down.

09:32:39 Sit down.

09:32:41 Unintelligible ... the brother.

09:32:54 Stop.

09:33:09 No more. Sit down.

09:33:10 That's it, that's it, that's it, down, down.

09:33:14 Shut up.

09:33:20 Unintelligible

09:33:20 We just, we didn't get it clear ... Is that United 93 calling?

09:33:30 Jassim.

09:33:34 In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most compassionate.

09:33:41 Unintelligible.

09:33:43 Finish, no more. No more.

09:33:49 No. No, no, no, no.

09:33:53 No, no, no, no.

09:34:00 Go ahead, lie down. Lie down. Down, down, down.

09:34:06 There is someone ... Huh?

09:34:12 Down, down, down. Sit down. Come on, sit down. No, no, no, no, no. No.

09:34:16 Down, down, down.

09:34:21 Down.

09:34:25 No more.

09:34:26 No more. Down.

09:34:27 Please, please, please ...

09:34:28 Down.

09:34:29 Please, please, don't hurt me ...

09:34:30 Down. No more.

09:34:31 Oh God.

09:34:32 Down, down, down.

09:34:33 Sit down.

09:34:34 Shut up.

09:34:42 No more.

09:34:46 This?

09:34:47 Yes.

09:34:47 Unintelligible.

09:34:57 One moment, one moment.

09:34:59 Unintelligible.

09:35:03 No more.

09:35:06 Down, down, down, down.

09:35:09 No, no, no, no, no, no...

09:35:10 Unintelligible.

09:35:15 Sit down, sit down, sit down.

09:35:17 Down.

09:35:18 What's this?

09:35:19 Sit down. Sit down. You know, sit down.

09:35:24 No, no, no.

09:35:30 Down, down, down, down.

09:35:32 Are you talking to me?

09:35:33 No, no, no. Unintelligible.

09:35:35 Down in the airport.

09:35:39 Down, down.

09:35:40 I don't want to die.

09:35:41 No, no. Down, down.

09:35:42 I don't want to die. I don't want to die.

09:35:44 No, no. Down, down, down, down, down, down.

09:35:47 No, no, please.

09:35:57 No.

09:37:06 That's it. Go back.

09:37:06 That's it. Sit down.

09:37:36 Everthing is fine. I finished.

09:38:36 Yes.

09:39:11 Ah. Here's the captain. I would like to tell you all to remain seated. We have a bomb aboard, and we are going back to the airport, and we have our demands. So, please remain quiet.

09:39:21 Okay. That's 93 calling?

09:39:24 One moment.

09:39:34 United 93. I understand you have a bomb on board. Go ahead.

09:39:42 And center exec jet nine fifty-six. That was the transmission.

09:39:47 Okay. Ah. Who called Cleveland?

09:39:52 Executive jet nine fifty-six, did you understand that transmission?

09:39:56 Affirmative. He said that there was a bomb on board.

09:39:58 That was all you got out of it also?

09:40:01 Affirmative.

09:40:03 Roger.

09:40:03 United 93. Go ahead.

09:40:14 United 93. Go ahead.

09:40:17 Ahhh.

09:40:52 This green knob?

09:40:54 Yes, that's the one.

09:41:05 United 93, do you hear the Cleveland center?

09:41:14 One moment. One moment.

09:41:15 Unintelligible.

09:41:56 Oh man.

09:44:18 This does not work now.

09:45:13 Turn it off.

09:45:16 ... Seven thousand ...

09:45:19 How about we let them in? We let the guys in now.

09:45:23 Okay.

09:45:24 Should we let the guys in?

09:45:25 Inform them, and tell him to talk to the pilot. Bring the pilot back.

09:45:57 In the name of Allah. In the name of Allah. I bear witness that there is no other God, but Allah.

09:47:31 Unintelligible.

09:47:40 Allah knows.

09:48:15 Unintelligible.

09:48:38 Set course.

09:49:37 Unintelligible.

09:51:17 Unintelligible.

09:51:35 Unintelligible.

09:52:02 Unintelligible.

09:52:31 Unintelligible.

09:53:20 The best thing: The guys will go in, lift up the ... Unintelligible ... and they put the axe into it. So, everyone will be scared.

09:53:27 Yes.

09:53:28 The axe.

09:53:28 Unintelligible.

09:53:29 No, not the.

09:53:35 Let him look through the window. Let him look through the window.

09:53:52 Unintelligible.

09:54:09 Open.

09:54:11 Unintelligible.

09:55:06 You are ... One ...

09:56:15 Unintelligible.

09:57:55 Is there something?

09:57:57 A fight?

09:54:59 Yeah?

09:58:33 Unintelligible. Let's go guys. Allah is greatest. Allah is greatest. Oh guys. Allah is greatest.

09:58:41 Ugh.

09:58:43 Ugh.

09:58:44 Oh Allah. Oh Allah. Oh the most gracious.

09:58:47 Ugh. Ugh.

09:58:52 Stay back.

09:58:55 In the cockpit.

09:58:57 In the cockpit.

09:58:57 They want to get in here. Hold, hold from the inside. Hold from the inside. Hold.

09:59:04 Hold the door.

09:59:09 Stop him.

09:59:11 Sit down.

09:59:13 Sit down.

09:59:15 Sit down.

09:58:16 Unintelligible.

09:59:17 What?

09:59:18 There are some guys. All those guys.

09:59:20 Lets get them.

09:59:25 Sit down.

09:59:29 What?

09:59:30 What.

09:59:31 What?

09:59:36 Unintelligible.

09:59:37 What?

09:59:39 Unintelligible.

09:59:41 Unintelligible.

09:59:42 Trust in Allah, and in him.

09:59:45 Sit down.

09:59:47 Unintelligible.

09:59:53 Ahh.

09:59:55 Unintelligible.

09:59:58 Ahh.

10:00:06 There is nothing.

10:00:07 Is that it? Shall we finish it off?

10:00:08 No. Not yet.

10:00:09 When they all come, we finish it off.

10:00:11 There is nothing.

10:00:13 Unintelligible.

10:00:14 Ahh.

10:00:15 I'm injured.

10:00:16 Unintelligible.

10:00:21 Ahh.

10:00:22 Oh Allah. Oh Allah. Oh Gracious.

10:00:25 In the cockpit. If we don't, we'll die.

10:00:29 Up, down. Up, down, in the cockpit.

10:00:33 The cockpit.

10:00:37 Up, down. Saeed, up, down.

10:00:42 Roll it.

10:00:55 Unintelligible.

10:00:59 Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest.

10:01:01 Unintelligible.

10:01:08 Is that it? I mean, shall we pull it down?

10:01:09 Yes, put it in it, and pull it down.

10:01:10 Unintelligible.

10:01:11 Saeed.

10:01:12 ... engine ...

10:01:13 Unintelligible.

10:01:16 Cut off the oxygen.

10:01:18 Cut off the oxygen. Cut off the oxygen. Cut off the oxygen.

10:01:34 Unintelligible.

10:01:37 Unintelligible.

10:01:41 Up, down. Up, down.

10:01:41 What?

10:01:42 Up, down.

10:01:42 Ahh.

10:01:53 Ahh.

10:01:54 Unintelligible.

10:01:55 Ahh.

10:01:59 Shut them off.

10:02:03 Shut them off.

10:02:14 Go.

10:02:14 Go.

10:02:15 Move.

10:02:16 Move.

10:02:17 Turn it up.

10:02:18 Down, down.

10:02:23 Pull it down. Pull it down.

10:02:25 Down. Push, push, push, push, push.

10:02:33 Hey. Hey. Give it to me. Give it to me.

10:02:35 Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me.

10:02:37 Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me.

10:02:40 Unintelligible.

10:03:02 Allah is the greatest.

10:03:03 Allah is the greatest.

10:03:04 Allah is the greatest.

10:03:06 Allah is the greatest.

10:03;06 Allah is the greatest.

10:03:07 No.

10:03:09 Allah is the greatest. Allah is the greatest.

10:03:09 Allah is the greatest. Allah is the greatest.


1. What Did Happen to Flight 93?, mirror.co.uk, 9/12/02 [cached]

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