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Oliver Stone

Director of World Trade Center

The 9-11 Research companion to the film World Trade Center
by Jim Hoffman

The film World Trade Center, set to debut on August 9, 2006, is directed by Oliver Stone, the creator of many controversial and historically significant films, and one of the most acclaimed directors in the history of cinema. One reviewer describes Stone's work thus:

Oliver Stone's films are worlds upon themselves, reflections of our world shoved right back into our faces. They are worlds devoid of any false pretense, laid bare as the torn psyche of a wounded nation. His characters are men and women either forever lost in this torn pysche, or searching for the goodness amidst the darkness.

Stone's new film is the first major motion picture to take us back to Ground Zero on the day of the attack, recounting the true story of two of the last survivors rescued from the rubble of the Twin Towers: John McLoughlin and William J. Jimeno.

Stone's filmography includes the following.

Last Year in Viet Nam1971
Midnight Express1978
The Hand1981
Conan the Barbarian1982
Year of the Dragon1985
Platoon 1986
Salvador 1986
8 Million Ways to Die1986
Wall Street 1987
Born on the Fourth of July 1989
The Doors 1991
JFK 1991
Natural Born Killers 1994
Nixon 1995
Comandante 2003
Persona Non Grata2003
World Trade Center2007 (completed)
Son of the Morning Star2007 (announced)

Stone, a veteran in the Vietnam conflict, was wounded twice in action and was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Many of Stone's films recount traumatic events in recent history, such as he witnessed in Vietnam -- three of his films are about that war. Several of his films are critical of the US Government, supplying perspectives that expose falsehoods in official accounts. His most controversial film, JFK, introduced a generation to evidence that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was not the work of a lone gunman, by telling the story of District Attorney Jim Garrison's attempt to unravel the cover-up surrounding the assassination. Garrison was the only prosecutor who brought to trial suspects in the murder.

World Trade Center is more in the tradition of Platoon than JFK: it re-enacts events at the World Trade Center but does not explicitly comment on the many challenges to the official story of 9/11/01.