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Top Anomalies

Selected Anomalies in the Official Account of 9/11/01

Many researchers have compiled lists of problems with the official account of the 9/11 attack. One example is the 9/11 Anomalies page on this website. This summary assembles some of the more glaring anomalies, making no attempt to be comprehensive.

  • Indications of Foreknowledge
    • Pre-attack put option surges anticipated post-attack stock declines:
      • Put/call ratios on American Airlines and United Airlines stock increased five-fold and twenty-fold.
    • High officials avoided the attack targets:
      • John Ashcroft stopped flying commercial.
      • Salman Rushdie, Willie Brown, and Pentagon officials were warned not to fly on the eve of the attack.
      • On 9/11/01 Warren Buffett, an investor in unmanned aerial vehicle maker MITRE, hosted a breakfast meeting of WTC CEOs at Offutt AFB, where President Bush later landed that day.
    • The World Trade Center and Pentagon were anticipated terrorist targets:

  • Military's Non-Response
    • The official story posits a long series of improbable failures:
      • The official timelines blame the FAA for inexplicably long delays in notifying the military, after originally claiming to have been notified sooner but without specific locations.
      • Jets were not scrambled from nearest bases.
      • Jets in the air were not vectored to intercept jetliners.
      • According to NORAD and 9/11 Commission timelines, military jets flew at small fractions of their top speeds.
    • Claims that hijacked jetliners couldn't be tracked contrasts with ability of the FAA to land over 4000 aircraft at different destinations in two hours.
    • At least four simultaneous war game exercises were being conducted on 9/11/01:
      • The NRO exercise involved a plane-crash-into-building scenario.
      • Operations Vigilant Warrior and Vigilant Guardian used scenarios involving hijacked passenger planes.
    • After presiding over the worst air defense failure in US history, the commander of NORAD, head of the Joint Chiefs, and Secretary of Defense were awarded with promotions and budget increases.

  • Pentagon Attack Anomalies
    • The Pentagon was left undefended until after being hit at 9:38:
      • The Pentagon should be the best-defended building in the world.
      • The Pentagon was hit more than 80 minutes into the attack.
      • It is 10 miles from Andrews Air Force Base.
      • Cheney watched the attack plane approach from 50 miles out.
    • The attack targeted Wedge 1 of Pentagon's west wing:
    • The alleged suicide pilots lacked the requisite piloting skills:
      • The attack maneuver required extreme piloting skill.
      • None of the alleged hijackers had flown jets.
      • Hani Hanjour, alleged pilot of Flight 77, was a notoriously bad pilot.

  • Total Collapse of WTC Building 7
    • Is the only case of total collapse of a large steel-framed high-rise building blamed on fire.
    • The collapse had all of the features of a controlled demolition implosion:
      • It fell straight down with precise radial symmetry.
      • Its rapid fall was within 10 percent of gravitational free-fall speed.
      • It collapsed into a tidy rubble pile mostly within the block that the building occupied.

  • Total Destruction of the Twin Towers

  • Suppression and Destruction of Evidence

  • Overt Omissions in Official Reports

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