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911 Mysteries -- A Critical Review

On September 11, 2007, I attempted to deliver this talk in the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, CA. Five minutes into my talk, after a seven-minute technical delay explained as a disconnected cable in the control room, an event organizer hidden behind the curtain insisted that I stop, despite at least seven minutes remaining in my promised 19-minute time slot.

I started the talk by thanking the event organizers for inviting me to critique the film 911 Mysteries, and stressed the importance of critique.

I was cut off shortly after I noted that the missile pod theory is blatantly false, which is interesting because my truncated talk was immediately followed by the film Reflecting Pool, which opens highlighting Tower-impact flashes as possible missile strikes, and presents a number of other easily debunked theories, such as that the plane crashes into the Towers and the Pentagon were faked, as if they are compelling evidence of an inside job. But I'm sure that was just a coincidence. :-)

--Jim Hoffman
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