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When, Where, How, and Why the Pentagon Was Hit

  • DOD headquarters left wide open
    • Hit at 9:37 -- 77 minutes after Flight 11 showed all signs of hijacking
    • Pentagon is 11 miles from Andrews AFB -- with USAF and ANG fighter squadrons
    • No surface-to-air defensive systems?
  • Attack targeted Wedge 1
    • Was the only portion of Pentagon retrofitted with blast-resistant walls
    • Was sparsely occupied
    • Was opposite side of Pentagon from top brass
  • Attacking west side involved daring attack maneuver
    • Alleged pilot, Hanjour, was notoriously incompetent
    • Spiral dive and low final approach hits first floor, barely missing obstacles
  • Multiple war games were in play
    • The sky-monitoring NRO was emptied out during the attack for a drill
    • Operations Vigilant Warrior/Guardian involved hijacking scenarios
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