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What the No-Plane Theories Imply

  1. That the 140-foot wide damage to the Pentagon, including a 96-foot-wide puncture, were somehow produced by a means other than a plane.
  2. That fires smelling of burning jet fuel, were produced by some other means, or the photographs were faked.
  3. That the aircraft debris, some clearly from an AA Boeing 757, was planted.
  4. That the swath of downed lamp-poles matching a 757's wing span were sliced and knocked over by some other means.
  5. That smashed objects in the paths of the engines were damaged by some other means.
  6. That scores of eyewitness reports of a jetliner were faked, coerced, or coincidentally mistaken.
  7. That the identification of Flight77's victims was fraudulent.
  8. That Flight 77 and all on board were disposed of at some unknown location.

To believe that the Pentagon was not hit by Flight 77 requires accepting points 7 and 8.

To believe that the Pentagon was not hit by a jetliner requires accepting points 3 through 8.

To believe that no plane hit the Pentagon, one has to accept all 8 points.

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