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Spiral Attack Maneuver Avoids Top Brass

The aircraft, coming from the north, crashed into the west block of the Pentagon by executing a 270-degree spiral and descending 7 thousand feet in 2 minutes.

Dulles Air Traffic Controllers thought it was a military plane.

The west block of the Pentagon was under renovation, and sparsely occupied.

No high-level officials were injured or killed in the attack.

The maneuver circling over Arlington meant additional exposure to interception.

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Comments by 9-11 Research added on 7/18/07

The arrow in the slide's widely-reproduced map appears to be grossly innaccurate. NTSB reports publicized in 2006 show an entirely different approach path, which never passes to the east of the Pentagon. A post on TheFrustratingFraud.blogspot.com explains the history of the map.