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Boeing 757-200 Dimensions

wing span         124 ft 10 in
overall length    155 ft  3 in
tail height        44 ft  6 in
fuselage width     12 ft  4 in
technical specifications

plane dimensions relating to impact:
width of profile against building facade given approach angle 177'
height of tail if engines are resting on ground 40'

actual maximal impact damage:
width of broken-away walls at ground level 90'
maximum height of broken-away walls 26'

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Comments by 9-11 Research added on 7/3/05
The numbers in the actual maximal impact damage are mislabeled. In fact, they describe the approximate extent of punctured walls. Photographs show that the walls to either side of the 90-foot-wide extent of breached walls on the first floor were damaged. A much more detailed analysis of the dimensions of the aircraft and the damage to the Pentagon is found on this page by Joe R..