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Rapid Clean-up of Crime Scene

What few small aircraft scraps littered the yard outside the Pentagon's west block were rapidly removed, but not by crime scene investigators.

  • TV video shows line of about 20 men in uniform combing the lawn in front of the impact zone. (See Painful Deceptions video.)
  • Photos show men in dress suits removing aircraft scraps.
  • Photo shows a group of uniformed military men carrying away a large tarped box, obviously not very heavy.

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Comments by 9-11 Research added on 3/14/06

This first photo has been the object of much speculation, many assuming that the tarp is hiding something from the crash. However, the object being carried is almost certainly a tent, as noted by Russell Pickering, who created this illustration.

The second photo shows a portion of the Pentagon's lawn being covered with gravel. This may seem like a suspicious action, but it is not unusual to build temporary roads in preparation for large construction projects. In response to the Pentagon attack, almost one-tenth of the vast building was demolished and rebuilt.