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Flightpath Relative to Objects

The flightpath based on downed lampposts takes plane over the corner of a construction yard.
The jet had to clear the lawn and avoid the following obstacles:

  • Spools lying directly under the right engine's path
  • Fence extending to edge of construction yard
  • Generator at corner of construction yard, also directly under right engine's path
Jet was on a very shallow approach angle, losing about 1 foot for every 20 feet.
It could not maneuver around objects given 400+ MPH speed.

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Comments by 9-11 Research added on 9/16/04

It is certainly true that no jetliner could have maneuvered around obstacles within 100 feet of the building, given an approach speed of 400 mph. However there was damage to the fence and generator that is arguably consistent with the profile of a 757 given its apparent flightpath. The generator, which was in the path of the starboard engine, was gouged and a portion of the fence was knocked down.

Some have argued that the damage to the generator -- the dark object in the right in the photo -- was not in the correct orientation to have been produced by the engine. However, we do not know if the generator was moved before the photo was taken, nor whether it was hit by some other part of the plane, such as one of the wing flap 'canoes'.