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One Lonely Piece Is Identifiably from 757

Paint matches "n" and rivets match skin on starboard side of American Airlines 757.

  • Matches forward portion of fuselage, but no shear or fire damage.
  • Piece is on left side of flightpath, but matches right side of aircraft.
  • Was only piece of significant size photographer could find.
A plausible explanation is that piece was planted as part of a frame-up based on the illusion of a jetliner crash.

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Comments by 9-11 Research added on 9/16/04

Another plausible explanation is that the piece really was part of an AA 757 that approached the Pentagon but was shredded by explosives just prior to impact. The violence of that explosion -- a theme of eyewitness reports -- could have hurled the piece to that location. We credit the idea that the jetliner was shredded by shaped charges to Eric Bart whose theory closely agrees with eyewitness accounts.