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The Pentagon Attack Frame-Up

Exposing the fraud of the government's story

by Jim Hoffman, 3/28/06

by Jim Hoffman, 5/01/06

As part of its mission to uncover the truth behind 9/11/01 -- an event that is easily the most sophisticated psy-op in history -- 9-11Research has focused on aspects of the attack in which physical evidence contradicts the official account. Evidence of the Pentagon attack is frequently cited as disproving the official story.

This talk was first presented by on October 17th, 2003, at CellSpace in San Francisco, California. It was co-authored by Jim Hoffman and an individual who wishes to remain anonymous.

The conclusion of this talk, Whatever Struck the Pentagon Was Not a Boeing 757, implies that no 757 was involved in the attack. 9-11Research does not endorse this implication. To the contrary, 9-11Research finds that the 'no-jetliner' claims are a hoax that has been instrumental in discrediting the '9/11 Truth Movement'. See the talk The Pentagon Attack: The No-Jetliner Claims.

We find that, whereas the evidence that the Twin Towers and Building 7 were destroyed by controlled demolition is overwhelming -- a case layed out in The World Trade Center Demolition -- the evidence regarding exactly what occurred in the Pentagon attack is ambiguous and difficult to draw clear conclusions from. We do, however, find the official story of the Pentagon attack untenable for a number of reasons:

  • The fact that the portion of the Pentagon attacked was nearly empty due to ongoing renovations, and that the aircraft undertook an extreme maneuver to strike this portion are strong evidence that the attack was an inside job.
  • The complexity and precision of the approach maneuver are nearly impossible to reconcile with the official account that the plane was piloted by Hani Hanjour, an incompetent pilot of even single-engine prop-planes.
  • Several eyewitness accounts suggest that the jetliner exploded before impacting the building.
  • The rapid clean-up of evidence of the attack, and the indications of forgery in the five video frames released by the Pentagon suggest insiders have conspired to conceal the nature of the attack.

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