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The Undisturbed Lawn in the Collision Path

The lawn showed no gouging from a large aircraft.
How many lawns can take a jetliner hit and still be good enough to play golf on!?

The Amazing Penta-Lawn 2000!
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Comments by 9-11 Research added on 9/16/04

This page features the humor of 'Killtown', one of the most thorough and original researchers of the Pentagon attack and Building 7 collapse. The Amazing Penta-Lawn 2000! highlights the apparent contradiction between accounts of the plane crashing and skidding on the Pentagon's lawn and the condition of the lawn after the attack. However, as pointed out below, a portion of the lawn just in front of the building, not apparent in the photographs, may have been damaged. Additionally, the theory described by Eric Bart, that supposes the jetliner was shredded by explosives just before reaching the facade, also resolves this apparent contradiction, since observers would tend to interpret such an explosion as the jet crashing, but the jet's momentum could have carried its remains up to the facade.

While the above photographs seem to show a lawn nearly free of debris, appearances are highly deceiving. The top three photos are all highly cropped portions of much larger photos by Geof Metcalf and Steve Riskus, and radically foreshorten the lawn near the facade. The uppermost photo on this page shows a portion of the heliport. It is the concrete slab with white markings on or above the guard rail. Debris and fire appears to extend up to the far side of the heliport, which seems to be close to the Pentagon's facade. However, as the aerial photo to the right shows, the heliport is at least 110 feet from the building. (For reference, the west wall of the Pentagon is 921 feet long.) Thus a debris field of considerable size may have been present despite the appearances of the photographs.

A good analysis of post-crash photographs and what they show and don't show about the quantity of plane wreckage outside the building is the page ERROR: The Pentagon Attack Left No Aircraft Debris on 9-11 Review.