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Boeing 757-200 Size, Shape, Weight

A Boeing 757-200 is a substantial aircraft.

  • Seats 200 people.
  • Weighs over 80 tons empty.
  • Engine pods are 10 feet in diameter.
  • Engine pods extend 5 feet below fuselage.

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Comments by 9-11 Research added on 11/6/04

The Boeing website illustrates a seating layout that accomodates 200 passengers. However, the American Airlines 757-200 that was Flight 77 probably had a seating capacity of 188. See the table on the Commandeered Flights page.

This detail is not important for this talk, but it and a related detail -- that a United Airlines 757-200 such as was Flight 93 probably had a seating capacity of 182 -- contradicts an assumption of some of the plane-swap speculations that one of the 757s had a seating capacity of 200.