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Only Demolition and Severe Earthquakes Have Leveled Skyscrapers

Steel-frame high-rises have been in use for over a century.

  • No steel-frame high-rise has ever collapsed due to fire.
  • Other skyscrapers have been ravaged by severe fires. Examples include:
    • One Meridian Plaza fire blazed for 18 hours, gutting 8 floors.
    • First Interstate Bank Building fire burned for 3-1/2 hours, gutting 4 floors.
    Both fires exhibited:
    • Large emergent flames
    • Extensive window breakage
    • Blazes filling multiple entire floors
    These fires were much worse than those in the Twin Towers and Building 7.
    Neither fire significantly damaged vertical steel columns.
  • Outside demolition, total collapses of steel buildings are extremely rare, even in the event of severe earthquakes.
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