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The Towers' Concrete Was Pulverized in Mid-Air

Photographs and videos document dense clouds of pulverized concrete dust being ejected from the towers within the first seconds of the collapses. That these thick opaque light-colored clouds carried the bulk of the floor-slab concrete is verified by the composition and fallout pattern of dust around Ground Zero.

Within the first few seconds of the collapses, the motion of the falling top relative to the intact structure was only a few feet per second. Clearly the speed of the falling top relative to the building was insufficient to convert concrete to fine powder.

You can prove this to yourself by dropping a concrete block from a height of, say, 20 feet. The block may break into several pieces, but it will not turn to powder. Even if you were to drop a piece of concrete from the height of the towers -- 1360 feet -- it would not turn to powder when it hit the ground.

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