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A Genuine Investigation Was Needed

FEMA's inconclusive $600,000 report is treated as the last word on the cause of the collapses.
  • The total collapses of WTC 1, 2, and 7 where the largest failures of engineered steel structures in history.
    • No one anticipated such buildings could fall from fires.
    • Fires have never leveled steel-framed buildings.
    • Only severe earthquakes have caused total collapse.
  • If official explanation is correct then:
    • Existing engineering theory is invalidated.
      A new phenomenon -- progressive collapse -- has to be invented.
    • No steel-frame building is safe --
      Isolated fires can cause total collapse.
    • Billions of dollars in retrofitting will be required.
    • Firefighters should no longer enter burning buildings.
  • A serious investigation was called for, requiring at minimum:
    • billions of dollars to fund an investigation commensurate with the disaster
    • a paid staff of forensics experts and scientists
    • thorough documentation of the crime scenes
    • preservation of the evidence, recording locations of pieces at scene before transport to warehouse
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