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EM Weapons

Theories that Directed Electromagnetic Energy Weapons Destroyed the Twin Towers

Directed energy weapons, more commonly known as energy beams, transmit energy between points separated in space without drastic attenuation. The most familiar types of directed energy weapons use electromagnetic (EM) radiation, which is the form of energy including radio waves, visible light, and X-rays. Lasers, masers, and antennas can be used to generate beams of EM radiation.

Because of the wave nature of EM radiation, it can be directed with a precision that is proportional to its frequency, and it can be superimposed such that multiple signals cancel out in some areas and add together in others -- phenomena known as destructive and constructive interference.

One directed energy weapon theory of the Twin Towers destruction postulates that powerful microwave antennas or masers in the basements of the Towers generated multiple upward-directed microwave beams. The phases and frequencies of the superimposed beams were carefully controlled to produce a region of strong constructive interference, originating around the crash zone, then moving down the Tower at about the rate the debris was falling. A version of this theory, which might be dubbed the "coaxial beam microwave interferometry theory" is described in some detail in the interview with Jim Hoffman entitled Your Eyes Don't Lie: Common Sense, Physics, and the World Trade Center Collapses. Hoffman has since rejected this theory for reasons described below.

Problems With EM Weapons Theories

There are at least three serious problems with any theory that EM weapons were used to destroy the Twin Towers.

  1. The electromagnetic energy beam would have to have emanated from some source. What was the source, and how did it escape notice?
  2. The weapon would have needed to possess an extremely high-powered energy supply. What was that supply, and how did it escape notice?
  3. The weapon would have needed to direct the energy into regions within the Towers and move that locus down to produce the descending pattern of destruction observed in each Tower. How could such a weapon deliver energy to such zones without producing visible disturbances to objects in the beam's path?

The coaxial beam microwave interferometry theory postulates that the energy source was some ultra-high-powered maser or antenna in the foundation of each Tower, that the energy supply was electricity piped in via fat copper or superconducting cable from a distant location, and that the energy was delivered to a limited and time-varied zone of each Tower through interferometry. Leaving aside the matter of how so much electrical energy could be stored and/or transported to the site, and how a maser or antenna could be engineered to produce such high-energy multiple directed microwave beams, we see a number of problems with the idea that the energy could have been delivered to the zone of destruction through interferometry.

  • Each floor slab of the Towers consisted of concrete poured onto corrugated steel pans. Steel is electrically conductive, and therefore affects the propagation of electromagnetic waves -- the "Faraday cage effect." It is difficult to imagine that EM beams with the wavelengths required by this theory to produce controlled zones of constructive and destructive interference (radio or microwave) could have passed through so many floor pans without being blocked or severely attenuated.
  • The production of a slow-moving zone of constructive interference depends on the individual beams being standing waves. But it is difficult to imagine how an antenna or maser could be modified to produce standing waves, rather than waves propagating at the speed of light.

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